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A few days ago, I was chatting with my brother-in-law, who is the MD of an SME working in the office design and fit out field. At some point in the conversation, we got onto the subject of Covid and how it had affected his business. I was quite surprised how adamant he was to bring all his team of 12 back from homeworking as soon as possible and back to the office. At first, I wondered if it was a trust ‘thing’ but I have known him for many years and this didn’t ring true. We chatted about the issues of communication and team engagement when his team worked remotely and how Teams and Zoom fill a gap, but only short term. Being in the office works for many people.

I thought about my own situation. Furloughed back in April 2020 and later in the year I faced redundancy. After 6 months of being out of work, I was given a lifeline! Following some phone calls and a successful Zoom assessment day I got to meet the MD (in person) for an informal chat. What was intended to be a one-hour chat at most went well beyond 2 hours. I apologised a number of times for talking so much, it felt like I was opening a flood gate. I had 18 months of thoughts and ideas about one of my big passions, making a difference. With the option of flexible or ‘hybrid’ working, I still choose to go to the office every day. Being in the office works for me.

You read every day about companies who have given up the leases or sold their offices, and all employees now work from home. In a recent report The British Property Federation found that 3% of employees surveyed say they will not return to the office once the pandemic is over. For many, it gives them a work-life balance which they never had before. Working from home or remotely works for many people.

Simply having a communal space where colleagues and clients can meet face-to-face has considerable benefits, such as the role an office plays in supporting staff development, mental health and wellbeing. The other day I came across an interesting article about how proximity in the office increases communication. This research or the Allen Curve, is an illustration of how, ’in an office setting, people who are stationed within 10 meters of one another have the highest probability of communication’ (Allen, 1977). This research is over 40 years old, so how can it still be relevant today? Recent studies show that it’s still valid and that ‘when face-to-face communication increases the potential for team successes are improved’ (Stryker & Santoro, 2012). Working closely helps to improve performance.

So where do these options leave you as a leader? As with most things in life it’s about finding the right balance that works for everyone and financially. It’s about speaking with employees and finding out about their individual needs and preferences. It’s about getting the team together and having those conversations about great communication and the best way to reach their goals. It’s about weighing up the pros and cons of using tech for communication and the benefits of reducing office costs. It’s about what works for the business.

If you need any help around these areas, we are here for you and have lots of opportunities through funding to support team and individual development to improve how you work as a team and as an individual.


Written by Michelle Mook on . Posted in Sunflower Diaries

Having been involved in Engage for Success for many years, I was as proud as punch to be invited to become the Area Network Ambassador towards the end of 2020 and keen to run our first event. My first thought was delight and excitement, my second, how on earth will I find the time for this when I’m running a small business in the midst of a global pandemic! Then, as always, the adventurer in me along with my passion for learning kicked in, and I thought, come on young lady (I live in a world of rose-coloured spectacles), you can do this Michelle. One thing I knew I could do, based on how we had changed in our own business, was do this online and make it accessible! So, I got to work in putting something together.

Having run our first event only a couple of weeks ago, I have taken some time to reflect on the event and thought it was worth sharing some of my insights so far.

My first reflection is sometimes we just need to get on with it and not over complicate. Once I had got my head in gear, it was just a matter of getting some ideas together and pulling them into a plan. I decided to keep focussed on the opportunity presented which was to connect like-minded professionals across the region to share, learn, lead and inspire together.

On the subject of inspire, having had the pleasure of listening to David MacLeod and Nita Clarke speak at various events and sitting next to David at an Engage for Success event 7 years ago, I knew that people would want to hear straight from the horse’s mouth too! So, having the opportunity to hear them at our launch event, for me, was a real highlight. No matter how often I hear them speak, I always come away feeling inspired – one person left a comment “Really inspiring” – so job done as far as I was concerned.

My second reflection has been the importance of asking for help. Because people are amazing when we do this! I was overwhelmed with the support from the Core Team at Engage for Success and Jonathan Henwood was excellent at pointing me to people and ensuring I got the support I needed. The other Area Network Ambassadors were also incredibly helpful, in particular, Sarah Pass, who kindly offered to be my wing woman on the day and both Sarah and Tess Shannon who shared insights from what they have been doing in their region – what a difference they made. And then to one of our clients, local PR agency, Partners Group, and the lovely Karen Tinkler who offered to run some local PR for us and got us some local coverage. Another big thank you to each and every one of you.

And then, finally, so proud of the support in our local community for Engage for Success. I had hoped to get around 40 people at our first event and we had over 80 people registered which was fantastic. The 53 people who attended were fantastic and over half put themselves forward to support and volunteer at future events. With feedback such as “Great initiative looking forward to getting involved” and “Fantastic session and I really hope our organisation will be able to learn from your knowledge and experience”, what more could we want at this stage.

Bring on our next event, is all I can say! We have a meeting set up in June with those people who said they were keen to get more involved in volunteering so I can’t wait to meet everyone then and start looking at plans for our next event and getting going with our aspiration to share, learn, inspire and lead together in the months and years ahead.

For anyone who missed the event, we recorded the session and this can be found on the Engage for Success website under the Yorkshire and Humber Area Network group using the link below.

Yorkshire and the Humber Launch Event – April 2021

If anyone wants to be added to circulation for future events, please drop an email to

The Power of Experiential learning and coaching

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We often get asked about why we are so keen on experiential learning and particularly in the outdoors. There are so many reasons, where to start.

Having been involved in training and coaching through a combined 60 years, when setting up Pro-Development, we looked back at our best learning experiences, and they were all through experiential learning. So what contributes it being the best.

Retention and embedding of learning

Experiential learning is personal and effective because it influences both feelings and emotions as well as enhancing knowledge and skills. It ensures that there is high level of retention, thereby delivering exceptional RoI over a traditional learning program. Just “talking” and “sharing” what we will do, doesn’t necessary result in a change in underlying behaviours. This is because the learner plays a relatively passive role, and research suggests that after 3 months, only 10% of what is learned is remembered, a depressing statistic for any trainers and coaches out there (Whitmore, 2008).

We learn more when we are having fun

Because our brains are wired to find learning fun! Every time we’re interested and engaged in a subject, our brains get a shot of dopamine. The feelings of pleasure that follow make us want to keep learning, exploring and pushing ourselves to find out more.

But what’s more, dopamine not only motivates us to learn, but it also helps us retain that new information. Research shows that dopamine can act like the “save button.” When dopamine is present during an event or experience, we remember it. But when it’s absent, nothing seems to stick. The more interested we are in an activity, the more dopamine is released and the better we remember it.

Learning outdoors

We’re not built to be sitting on a chair at a desk for hours on end. Our brains always function better when we are in nature. Directly engaging with the outdoor environment brings enormous benefits. It helps people reflect and learn about themselves, each other and connect with their environment. We know that being outdoors supports our mental health and wellbeing. And we see time and time again, people being more mindful and in the moment when they are learning in the outdoors.

So, if you want to ensure a return on investment for the training and coaching your people attend, consider experiential learning in the outdoors. And we have plenty of programmes that can support this and many attract funding too. Get in touch if you would like to know more.

Learning at Work week

Written by Michelle Mook on . Posted in Sunflower Diaries

Every year Pro-Development supports and promotes Learning at Work Week, and this year is no different. If you have not been involved in Learning at work week before, this is an annual event to build learning cultures at work. It aims to put a spotlight on the importance and benefits of continual learning and development. The focus of this year’s learning and work week is “Made for Learning” exploring our human capacity to learn, be curious and make connections!

To support this week, we would like to invite you to FREE workshops exploring these subjects and support your business in having a culture of learning and growth.

Workshop 1 How we learn – Developing a Learning Mindset

17th May 2021 : 12noon – 12.45pm

Learning is a human thing. We learn constantly, adapting our understanding and behaviours, building on what we already know and can do. Here at Pro-Development, we are huge advocates of learning and are always looking at new approaches and ways to help develop and embed learning.

Developing the essential skills, attitudes and approaches to creating the right mindset for learning is key to both personal and team success.

In this session we will explore:-

• Overcoming barriers to our learning

• The power of a Learning Mindset

• Having fun and the importance of experiential learning

• Techniques and habits to help create and embed learning so it sticks

Click here to book

Workshop 2 – A curious mindset

19th May 2021 : 12noon – 12.45pm

Lifelong and life-wide learning brings many benefits. We gain new ideas, knowledge and skills for work. We can follow our passions and use learning to achieve our aspirations and goals. Having a curious mind can help you unlock your true potential. As active, curious learners we are more likely to be healthier and happier! In this 45-minute session we will explore how can generate curiosity at work that can lead to innovation, growth and improvement in employee engagement.

In this session we will explore:-

• Why having a curious mind can help you unlock your true potential

• Why developing a culture of curiosity in a team is important

• Discuss tips on how to develop curiosity

• Look at questions you can use to prompt curiosity in the face of adversity

Click here to book

Workshop 3 – How to network to support your development

20th May 2021 : 12noon – 12.45pm

By connecting with others, we learn things that enrich our lives. We can share our talents and skills, discover different perspectives, and understand better how our organisations work. In this 45 minute session we will explore how you can network to support your development.

Developing the essential skills, attitudes and approaches to networking is key to both personal and business success.

In this session we will explore:-

• Why networking is important

• Mapping and developing your network

• Engaging with your network and adding value

• How to network effectively

• Techniques and habits to help boost confidence

Click here to book

If you would like any help with your learning and development strategies, plans or interventions why not be curious, connect and explore learning with us at

Funding may be available too…click here for more.

5 Tips to help you maintain a work-life balance

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Six in 10 (63%) employers have increased the level of support they offer staff across one or more areas of mental, financial, physical and social wellbeing during the Covid-19 pandemic.

This is according to a survey of 505 HR decision makers by GRiD. The mental health of staff was ranked as their number one priority.

What are you doing to make work-life balance a priority for you?

Now more than ever, it is so important to maintain a work-life balance. We know this, we’ve learnt this from first-hand experience, yet we still need reminding.

The personal and professional parts of our lives are both important, neither should be neglected.

1. Healthy body, health mind

That’s regular exercise and eating healthy. Work on getting some really good sleep.

2. Maintain your Mental Health

If you notice that you have been acting out of character lately then it may be time to start assessing your work-life balance or seeking help.

• Take breaks and fully switch off.

• Do a job you actually enjoy.

• Build good, valuable, supportive relationships.

• Give yourself things to look forward to.

• Add meaning in your life.

3. Review your productivity.

Are those long hours getting the best out of you really? You might be putting the time in but could your contribution be better? It’s not productive to overdo it.

4. Become a more well-rounded person

Read newspapers, books and magazines, listen to podcasts and TED talks, sign up for classes and attend cultural events. Spend time with friends and family. If you invest in personal development, you’ll not only stand out as intelligent, experienced and interesting but you’ll be able to share those experiences and knowledge with other people.

5. One life – go for it!

Live it to the fullest. Follow your passions.

All of this comes up time and time again in the coaching conversations we have. We can help you gain clarity, unravel the spaghetti, shine a light through the fog and support you. That’s why we love what we do in coaching and mentoring, it’s our passion.

And, there’s funding available for coaching and mentoring you if you are in the York, North Yorkshire and East Riding or the Leeds City Region.

These are just a few examples of the kinds of activities that will help you to maintain a better work-life balance but really, it’s all about finding out what YOU want to do and attempting the balance that with your working life too.

Just remember, you only get one life, so you might as well enjoy it.

Get in touch with us if you would like any help or support.

Good Luck 😊

The future of work and wellbeing

Written by Michelle Mook on . Posted in Sunflower Diaries

Over the last few months, we have been having lots of conversations with people about working from home and wellbeing, we’ve been running webinars on how to look after ourselves whilst working from home and running workshops with clients on how to look after our teams as they moved to work remotely.

As a team we have had a flexible approach to work since we started in 2011 as one of the key factors for setting up Pro-Development was to be able to offer a life/work balance as we grew. So, working remotely is not a new concept to us, however, even we have noticed that the lines between home and work have become more blurred as the balance between home and the office has shifted so significantly towards working from home.

One of our clients made the decision to not renew the lease on their building and move to a completely working from home model. They knew the experience would be challenging for the team, but all agreed together they could make it work. However, they have been really focussed on the team’s wellbeing and we‘ve been running one of our online programmes with the team to help ensure they keep focussed on working well together well. Will be interesting to see how they get on over the next 12 months. Interestingly though, lots of clients are having similar conversations and looking to embrace a new model of working in the months and years ahead.

. Here’s what their MD had to say about their experience so far …

“The first time we floated the idea of moving to a working from home model was after I attended the ‘World of Business Ideas’ London conference in 2019. A common thread emerged from all of the leading business speakers that seemed to be focusing on creating self-managing workforces where trust, entrepreneurship, innovation and flexibility needed to be at the heart of the business. When the pandemic hit in March 2020 and overnight, we found ourselves having to re-invent we started to really think about what kind of business we wanted to transform into and the workforce we needed to do this. In Dec 2020 we took a bold step and terminated our lease and now run entirely from home. At first our teams went through a period of adjustment (particularly our younger team members who were also missing their usual busy social lives) and we had to find new ways to connect and communicate to include using ‘kumospace’ a fun interactive social space. We recognise that we will need to continue to evolve and adapt our model to build resilient and effective teams and we plan to meet and work in shared spaces over the coming months and have already introduced ‘quiet’ time to enable people to get in flow and promote wellbeing. “ Jo Guy- Managing Director AJ Recruitment

To be honest, there are lots of positives about being able to work from home and many workers are saying they have enjoyed it and some hoping that their employers will look to utilise a hybrid model in the future. So, what does the future of work look like?

In our employee engagement surveys over the last 10 years, we have seen more and more people highlighting that a lack of flexibility in work impacts on their engagement. Although the last year has been tough, if we do not now embrace a new way of working, we believe we will have missed a huge opportunity.

Whether we move to a completely virtual or hybrid way of working, it is essential we consider team wellbeing. So how do we make sure that working from home stops taking such a toll on our wellbeing?

We were reading an article in The Guardian over the weekend about the impact of Zoom/Teams fatigue and the idea of Zoom Free Fridays. Click here to take a read.

We use Fridays as our “Keep Free” day and aim to keep them free from client delivery work where we can along with no zoom/teams calls. It makes a big difference and sometimes its good to just pick up the telephone instead!

Finally, in many of our sessions, we have been reminding people about Covey’s 7 habits and Habit 7, “Sharpen the Saw” and four aspects he referred to in his book.

If we all focus on these four aspects of wellbeing, it will help us all to have the balance that we are looking to achieve. Here are a few reminders under each of the headings:-


• Keep moving and getting exercise – DO NOT sit at your laptop all day without taking breaks, stretching, walking in the garden, getting a break at lunch

• Eat healthy, drink water and get into good sleep habits

• Keep your hours under control – it is too easy to be sat at your laptop at 7am and find yourself still sitting with it at 7pm!


• This links to our hours in many ways – make time for relationships. It has been challenging with the restrictions but from this week, we can now meet in gardens with another household or up to 6 people – make the time this week to meet up with someone

• Have fun – we always say life is too short not to, and we can still do this remotely. Make sure you have a good laugh every day – remember, laughing for 10 to 15 minutes burns between 10 and 40 calories!

• Acts of kindness are so good for our own wellbeing as well of those we show kindness too. What can you do this week to show a random act of kindness?


• Make time for mindfulness – we have written lots of blogs on this topic over the years and now we have access to great apps like Headspace and Insight Timer to help us. But again, combine your exercise with this – take a walk and just switch on to the beauty, sounds and smells around you

• What are your core values and beliefs? When was the last time you took time to reflect on these and if you are living and breathing them every day. A lot of our coaching at the moment seems to be focussing on people’s purpose, their mission, vision and values for their life. It was doing this work that instigated the creating of Pro-Development!


• Have you got a Learning Mindset? We know from the work we do this has a significant impact on so many parts of our lives. Learning more about ourselves helps to develop our self-awareness and emotional intelligence. What are you doing to learn right now?

• There are so many great books, podcasts, videos and materials available to us so make some time for this. If you can, a great habit to get into is then writing or journaling about what you have learnt. You could even start of a blog of your own?

So, if you’re reading this, decide now, what will you do under each of these headings. And as always, we love to hear how you are getting on and what difference it has made.

To get in touch, contact us at and if you decide that you want any help with your team to focus on wellbeing, you may be eligible for 40% funding if you are based in Leeds City region or across York, North Yorkshire and the East Riding.

We’re Hiring! Leadership and Development Facilitator & Coach

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We’ve certainly had a rollercoaster of a year, along with many of our treasured clients. The last 6 months however have been exciting for us. Working with our amazing funding partners, we’ve been able to access 40% for our clients towards investing in most of our programmes and we’ve now secured even more funding to cover York, North Yorkshire and the East Riding.

It’s meant we’ve had a busy few months and we are therefore looking to grow our team. We are recruiting for an experienced Leadership and Development facilitator/coach. Either part-time (at least 3 days) or full-time who wants to work with a fabulous team and is keen to learn and share together. We offer flexibility, a pension and lots of other benefits.

We are looking for that someone who will fit perfectly with our team, our values and our clients but who brings something different too. Someone who loves designing and delivering creative and bespoke online, indoor and outdoor training and development programmes for individuals, managers and teams. You should be someone who enjoys building strong client relationships and is a great team player.

We can offer a flexible approach, a lovely rural working environment near Fulford and the opportunity work alongside a great team who like to make a difference and have fun along the way.


Founded 10 years ago, our vision at Pro-Development (UK) Limited is to inspire teams and individuals to improve how they work at every level through the engagement and development of their people. It is important to us that any work we do with our clients has a clear and focused outcome that adds value and makes a difference. Our values of Honesty and Integrity, Making a Difference, Working as a Team, Creativity and Fun guarantee that clients will have a great experience which focuses on achieving results for everyone.

Job Details

We are a growing team who are building a significant client base working with clients around Yorkshire and the Humber developing bespoke solutions from employee engagement projects to leadership and management development along with training, team building and coaching.  We love what we do and are looking for someone who loves working in these areas.

We are looking for someone who loves designing, building and delivering interactive and fun training, meeting clients, developing client relationships and coaching.  Most importantly, like us, you must have a passion for developing people and be keen to work with and support a team of other like-minded people.

This position is suitable for an experienced and confident leadership and management development professional who holds a coaching qualification to help deliver our amazing 7-month experiential leadership development programme.  The successful candidate will enjoy training groups of people in a wide range of personal development areas such as communication skills, running great appraisals and holding honest conversations or managing conflict and relationships.

Alongside this, you should be confident at working with senior leaders as you will also help support our employee engagement projects.  We will provide training in both the in-house bespoke staff survey tool we use along with the reporting processes we have in place.  However, your coaching skills will come in useful here when interviewing team members and it would also be helpful if you enjoyed analysing data and finding solutions that will help businesses bring out the best in their people.

Most of all, you will genuinely care about making a difference and delivering exceptional customer service, creating a positive and professional impression and building long term relationships with our clients.  You should also have a sense of fun as this an important part of everything we do in our team.

So, if you would like to be part of our team at Pro-Development and have experience in learning and development, we would love to speak to you.

Salary is negotiable York, North Yorkshire

Please do give us a ring on 01904 628838 and we can chat through any queries and drop us your CV to

Closing date 22nd April 21. We will be holding an assessment centre on 27th April 21, 11am – 2.30pm

Keeping Your Teams Engaged

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Keeping your team engaged has never been more challenging. We have been faced with change on a scale that we’ve never experienced before, at a pace out of our control which has had the impact of fundamentally changing what we do and how we do it.

Keeping teams engaged can be easily done if we keep our focus on the people. In times of change though, it is easy to be so focused on strategy and planning, the people aspects can get lost.

So, we say keeping people engaged has never been more challenging but can be easy! Here are just a few ideas that businesses in our region are doing:

Connect with people – say hello in the morning, walk around the office or shop floor and make a point of saying hello and asking people how they are. Operating virtually? Have a zoom catch up to say hi and check in.

Share the vision – let people know what the vision is as this might have changed recently and share how what they do contributes to the bigger picture.

Keep people informed – communicate with people so they feel informed about various aspects of the business and check in with them, to make sure there is a common understanding of the message.

Train, empower and trust – Give people the skills they need to do a great job, and empower and trust them to deliver.

Recognise contribution – Stop and notice what people are contributing and share with them difference they are making to you, the team, and the business.

Have some fun! – virtual quizzes, cook-a-longs, coffee mornings and fizz nights! These are all things companies in our region are doing to keep their team connected.

Some great examples of engagement activities which are helping to make Yorkshire and the Humber a place to work that we can be proud of.

If, like us, you are passionate about employee engagement in our region, we would love to invite you to the launch of our first ever Engage for Success Yorkshire and Humber event on 21st April 2021 from 2-4pm. This will be an online event where we will be joined by the founders of Engage for Success, David MacLeod and Nita Clarke and hearing direct from them about the movement and how it has evolved over the years. Come along to find out more and how you can get more involved.

Click here to book your place

We are also pleased to be able to offer 40% ESF funding for much of the work we do if you are an SME in our region. if you would like to contact us for a chat about how we can help you with engagement in your business or how to access the funding, either email or call us on 01904 628838.

She believed she could so she did

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I was recently asked to speak at York Women’s business club about Mindset. Well, my first thought was why are they asking me? What do I know about mindset? There are probably lots of other people who could talk more eloquently about this. Then, as I usually do, I stopped myself in my tracks and asked myself “why not”?

It’s interesting that no matter how much work we think we have done on our self-belief or our mindset, that our demons can come back and haunt us any time! That Imposter Syndrome has a lot to answer for 😉

So, I put my big girl pants on, as I always do when speaking, and pulled together a session where I shared my “Mindset” story. Here are some of the thoughts I shared.

“Our actions and words can have a profound effect on others. We have the power to change lives in both positive and negative ways”.

We can easily forget the difference we can make. For me, this was my boss years ago. I was in my early 20s having left school at 15 and was working as his PA. He sat me down one day and told me that I had so much more to give. That one conversation changed my life as he encouraged me to do my degree (2 nights a week was not the most fun way to do it 😉) but getting my 2:1 Hons degree 5 years later gave me huge confidence and self-belief.

“Never stop learning”.

I always feel like there is more to learn. Every day I learn something about myself or my field of work. Having a growth mindset is key to developing and I understanding your strengths and where you get your energy always mean that you are being your best self.

“Surround yourself with people who value you and align to your values”.

Whilst doing my coaching qualification, I undertook some work on my values and identifying what really mattered to me. Again, it was life changing. It was this work which highlighted how much making a difference meant to me and led me to set up Pro-Development 10 years ago. This in turn led to my husband and I parting ways realising how little our values aligned. Both of these events have led to me having the most incredible 10 years of my life. There have been ups and downs but ultimately, I wouldn’t change a thing and have some of the most amazing people in my life as a result of those 2 events.

“Be brave and get out of your comfort zone”.

Setting up Pro-Development definitely tested my resilience and I spent the first few years very much out of my comfort zone but, I didn’t half learn a lot! Being brave and trying new things, in my experience, always creates a resilient mindset. Being in, what we call, our learning zone, is where the magic happens.

“You can live in faith or live in fear. Both aren’t real, so which am I going to choose?”.

I read a book last year called Positive Dog and it had a section around living in faith. It really struck me that when Covid-19 hit our business and all our training events were cancelled, I started to live in fear. Fear that we wouldn’t make it through and that we would run out of money and it took a terrible toll on me. I made a decision after a few months, to stop living in fear and live in faith and it made a huge difference.

So here are some thoughts to leave you with…

Try asking yourself these questions:-

• When was the last time you gave someone your time? How do you help others?

• What are you learning now? Are you making time to develop yourself?

• Do you know what matters to you, your values? Have you got the right people around you?

• Are you living in your comfort zone or getting into your learning zone?

• Are you living in faith or fear? Which do you choose?

If you are worrying about something, try using Covey’s Circle of Concern to help you let go of those things you cannot control – you can read our blog from last year on how this can help.

Try “sharpening your saw” – again another great habit from Stephen Covey’s 7 habits:-

• Physical – make time for exercise and getting outdoors – we know this helps our mindset

• Spiritual – identify what feeds your soul – mindfulness, your values

• Mental – make time to read, learn, write or listen to podcasts

• Social/Emotional – surround yourself with the right people, love, laugh and make your difference

If you need any support, we are always here for you. We can offer coaching and support, much of which is eligible for funding too. Get in touch on 01904 628838 or to find out more.

Job Description – Learning and Development Administrator

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Job Description – Learning and Development Administrator

Founded 10 years ago, our vision at Pro-Development (UK) Limited is to inspire teams and individuals to improve how they work at every level through the engagement and development of their people. It is important to us that any work we do with our clients has a clear and focused outcome that adds value and makes a difference. Our values of Honesty and Integrity, Making a Difference, Working as a Team, Creativity and Fun guarantee that clients will have a great experience which focuses on achieving results for everyone.

Success continues, and as we implement plans for growth, we are seeking an exceptional Learning and Development Administrator to join our team.

Key Responsibilities and Tasks
• You will be tasked with supporting the business via a range of administrative duties. This is a hands-on role with opportunity to be involved in many areas of a small business.
• You will be required to provide a high quality and reliable service and will be expected to respond to our lovely clients in a polite, calm and professional manner.
• Welcome all visitors and answer the telephone, dealing with queries where possible.
• Diary scheduling and supporting our fantastic Learning and Development Consultants and associates with resources, materials and a myriad of arrangements.
• Ordering lunches, booking venues and suppliers, materials and recording purchases.
• Processing bookings, checklists and funding forms for various funding bodies and keeping excellent records and compliance documents.
• Following processes and procedures always with an eye on improvement opportunities.
• Having the ability to manipulate data from various sources and consolidate reports within Excel using formulas, formatting and database management.
• Providing, producing and updating training documentation which includes training presentations, setting up online tools and modifying materials.
• Maintaining the cleanliness and presentation of the Office so we have a lovely place to work.
• Printing, scanning, copying, filing, everything associated with running a small office.

Key Skills & Experience
Ideally the post holder should possess the following attributes;
• Be responsible, honest and reliable with excellent attention to detail.
• A proven track record in the provision of administration support in a busy office, including multi-tasking and meeting deadlines.
• Strong verbal and written communication along with interpersonal skills and comfortable dealing with client requests.
• Ability to self-manage a busy workload and prioritise own tasks to achieve objectives.
• Strong IT skills with ability and willingness to learn new systems and processes, whilst highlighting potential improvements to current processes.
• Proficient in Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook and other systems such as Capsule, WordPress, Zoom and MS Teams.
• Good numeric skills and understanding of working in a small business.
• Be resilient and solution-focused able to utilise knowledge to effectively problem-solve with a practical ‘hands on’ approach.
• Have an interest in building client relationships, promoting the business and contributing to social media and web marketing.
• Be supportive of our team and our clients and whilst doing all this also being positive and with a preference for keeping things fun and friendly.
• Be interested in developing people, the psychology of people and having a positive impact on what our clients achieve.

Likely full-time although can be a bit flexible, salary from £20k

An initial 2-hour Assessment Centre will be held (date to be confirmed).

Please call Tracey Flannery for an initial chat and send your CV to

01904 628838.