Zombie Apocalypse – 5 things you wish you had done

Written by Michelle Mook on . Posted in Sunflower Diaries

zombie apocalypse newsletter Oct 2019 You wake up one morning and everything has changed. The world hasn’t stopped turning, but life as you know it has stopped. As you look out of the window there is this eerie light on the horizon … you see some folks you used to know, but they are staggering around in faded ripped clothes with that vacant look on their face. You say to yourself ‘I knew it… it’s the zombie apocalypse’ and now I’m in survival mode…I wish I had xxx”.

OK, so maybe it isn’t the zombie apocalypse, its just another day… but hey there are days we look out of our window at Pro-Development and see that vacant look on people’s faces. Those are the people that just carry on and don’t live their true life’s purpose … in short they become zombie’s and the worst thing of all is they don’t even know they have caught the deadly virus!

So, here is our top 5 tips for not just surviving but thriving and avoiding the zombie apocalypse:

1. Know yourself well, know what you love, know what you don’t love. Bring more of what you love into your life and eliminate the stuff you don’t.

2. Be clear about your values and make sure they are aligned to your work and life. The quickest way to catch the zombie virus is to work against your values or worse, to not know your values at all.

3. Be kind to yourself always. It’s OK to show yourself some love and it is so easy to forget this when we are busy. Know what time you need to take for yourself and be selfish in doing it.

4. Have a plan, but don’t be afraid to change it. Stuff happens in life and it might not be on our plan. But it’s OK to change direction, this is what makes us open to new possibilities.

5. Have a zombie proof car…. Actually, that was Vicky’s idea and it is nearly Halloween…

We would love to know your top tip for surviving and thriving in a Zombie Apocalypse… let us know on the comments section.

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