Work life balance

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work life balance 2019 Well this is an interesting one? How do we achieve work life balance in a 24/7 society? Many workplaces now offer flexible working and workplace benefits which are there to increase our wellbeing and improve our experience of the world of work. However, how possible is it to have a work life balance with a smart phone that’s with you all the time?

You may work from home every now and again or work part time, so it could be argued that yes, you have a good work/life balance, but how often do you check your phone for emails outside of working hours, in your ‘life’ hours? When you check those emails how often do you get that sinking feeling that you need to act or, that you will be expected to act. Do you become distant from what is happening around you? Are you missing moments at home when you should be present? Do you miss your gym class to complete that piece of work? Does your mood change (for the worse)?

Flexible working is a good thing, if it doesn’t take over too much ‘life’ time. So, who is responsible for getting the balance right?

Answer these questions

• Who is expecting you to answer emails when they come in?

• Who is expecting you to take immediate action?

• Who is making you feel guilty for not responding or acting?

Likelihood is, it could be you who is putting the pressure on yourself.

So, our challenge to you is…

What’s getting in your way of a good work/life balance? Write down your findings.

If it is you, what are you going to do to make a difference?

When are you going to start making a difference?

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