What We Deliver

We offer a wide range of support in all aspects of people development providing a holistic approach to the growth and development of both your people and your business:

Get The Foundations Right

Before you focus on growing anything, it is important to make sure that you have all the right tools, materials and knowledge available to support that growth. We offer a range of services, consultancy and support that will help you get the foundations in place to ensure any investment you make in future development, is not wasted.

Employee Engagement

Pro-Development has a wide range of experience of consultancy across a number of organisations and we’ll provide analysis and diagnostics, which get to the heart of your business. We’ll then translate these insights into tangible outcomes and recommendations to help you and your organisation grow. Find out more about what we can offer …

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Online Training

We offer a range of 1 hour online sessions to support you, your team and your managers/leaders to adjust and adopt best practice as we adapt to the current situation

Bespoke Outcome Based Training

We are passionate about providing training that makes a difference and adds value. We offer and deliver tailored bespoke programmes which provide maximum value to your people and your business.

Management Development Programmes

One of the key drivers for Employee Engagement is Manager leadership abilities, yet in our recent surveys, it is one of the areas that many of our clients find the biggest challenge. Mainly, their managers are those employees who have worked for them right from the start – they are trusted and committed individuals but have never had the opportunity to be developed as a manager/leader. They often lack confidence in their own abilities which gets in their way and also can become a huge obstacle to the growth and development of the team. Click if you would like support in developing as a leader or do you have employees or colleagues who would benefit from development.

Team Building

We enjoy any opportunity to help you understand more about your people, what motivates and drives them and what gets in their way. Our facilitation skills and experience will help surface what matters to your organisation and ensure that workshops and events achieve the required outcomes.


Coaching is about working with an individual to understand their future goals and then helping them to overcome barriers and improve performance. We’ll coach individuals at every level in your organisation and we’ll work with them to help build and grow their potential.

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