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Although there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach employee engagement, four common themes have emerged. Taken together, they include many of the key elements that go to make successful employee engagement. They are:

1. Strategic Narrative

2. Engaging managers

3. Employee Voice

4. Integrity

In a series of Videos Michelle Mook has contributed her thoughts and expertise alongside other regional ambassadors and leaders of Employee Engagement through the engage for success movement.

This time the experts focus on Engaging ManagersClick hear to view the video. Or read this blog to gain a quick insight into the discussion.

Being Human

We work with Human beings not human resources! Make sure managers are keeping in touch with the team, coaching the team and showing the team that you care whether furloughed or working virtually.

Manage expectations

Make sure people know what is expected of them but be realistic of what we can expect from team members too. Everyone is facing different challenges and on their own emotional journey so managers expectations will have to adapt to this.

Supporting managers

Managers may need help to move forward themselves. They are on their own emotional journey whilst, at the same time, managing others. They may need support, so they are able to support others. Managers are critical, make sure they are OK. Make sure managers are given the time to focus on their team as engaging with individuals virtually does take time!

Demonstrate empathy

Try to understand the dynamic of every member of the team, for example are they home schooling, shielding, caring for others? No longer can you treat team members the same. Managers need to step into the shoes of others and build trust. However not every manager is equipped with these skills so again, they may need support to develop these skills.

Not being afraid to try

Having a zoom call simply to say ‘hi’ to a team member, or having an empathic conversation is a challenge for some. Do not be afraid to try, you are doing it with the right intention.

People manager/Technical manager

Is it time to consider something different and try a new management model? Let your technical managers focus on what they are good at and have someone with people manager responsibilities and skill set to check in and manage the team.

Sense of team

This may be getting lost through remote working. Bringing people back together can create some conflict as differing experience and emotions collide. We need to consider how we can continue to build on the sense of team in a virtual world/new world. How do we encourage all team members to turn on their cameras to avoid speaking to the ‘black wall’? It is imperative we bring teams together to share ideas and innovate to move us forward.

Future of work

Finally, think about the future of work. Manager’s skills set are transitioning as we move into a more virtual workplace. Physical boundaries are removed meaning managers may be able to be located anywhere, widening the talent pool enabling the best talent to be recruited. What does this mean for career paths and job security? Food for thought!

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