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relax frog may blog 17 In coaching conversations, a common topic is how busy our lives are. With so much to process at work it’s almost impossible to deal with everything. Evenings and weekends are spent working and catching up on household chores and there is precious little time with our families and even less ‘me’ time. Sound familiar? So, with Easter only a few weeks ago and another bank holiday in May still to come, we were thinking about the value of bank holidays. A bank holiday can give welcome relief from the daily grind and an opportunity to truly relax. But what about the impact on productivity of all these bank holidays I hear you cry! It may be counter intuitive but holidays can make us more productive.

We talked last week about the value of a short walk at lunchtime for the brain. Studies have shown that when we’re relaxing and daydreaming, the brain does not slow down or stop working, in fact that’s the time the mind can obliquely solve tough problems; the epiphany moments we sometimes have in the shower! It’s during downtime that our minds mull over all those unfinished projects, searching for solutions. Downtime replenishes the brain’s stores of attention and motivation, encourages productivity and creativity, and is essential to achieve our highest levels of performance. Downtime also replenishes our energy, essential when time is such a limited resource. So bring on the next bank holiday!

To celebrate learning at work week, Pro-Development are running a free group coaching session on Monday 15th May with the theme ‘Curious and Creative Coaching’. This is being held in the lovely Tailormade Conference rooms here at Forest Farm Business Park and it’s a great opportunity to experience some group coaching. If the weather’s nice we might go for a walk as well, we do our best thinking at 1.8 mph.

Email steph.edwards@pro-development.co.uk to reserve a place and to find out more about our amazing coaching click here

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