We’re all going on a summer holiday

Written by Michelle Mook on . Posted in Sunflower Diaries

summer holidays july 2019 Another poptastic tune. So, are you ready for a summer holiday? Is the holiday booked? Are you beach ready? Or are you one of those people who gets to the end of the annual leave years with weeks’ worth of holidays to cram in? We’ve talked about increasing self-awareness this month, and the more we take the time for ourselves, the time to reflect, the more self-aware we become and the more we will see.

Ultimately, we need to notice what’s going on for us in both our physical and physiological being. If you take the time you may notice the fatigue, headaches, grumpiness, rising tress levels. If you don’t notice these things, the minute you stop it’s very common to be struck with a mild illness for example an irritating cough. We hear people say “I’ve hit the wall” all too often!

When did you last take a break – and we mean a real break where you did not check emails?

Our challenge to you if you are going on a summer holiday this year

• Leave the last half day at work to sort out admin, make the final phone calls

• Put your out of office on

• If you have a separate works mobile – give your phone a holiday too!

• If you only have the one phone, make sure you cannot see incoming e-mail alerts on your mobile

• If you’re reading this blog saying “but this doesn’t work in reality”, then you are our target audience – so accept our challenge!

Enjoy your summer holiday, relax, restore your energy levels and come back firing on all cylinders, but don’t forget to keep looking after yourself and remember we can help with health and wellbeing so why not get in touch on 01904 628838 or info@pro-development.co.uk

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