Well Well Well…being!

Written by Michelle Mook on . Posted in Sunflower Diaries

wellbeing 2019 Well what? Indeed, the term wellbeing is being discussed quite a lot at the moment, but we are finding that many businesses are struggling to understand where their focus should be and what to do in terms of a way forward? We also heard it said, “I got to this point without wellbeing, why do I need it now”? So, it would also appear some attitudes need challenging too!

When it comes to wellbeing, here at Pro-Development, we prefer a holistic approach. An approach that includes all aspects of self, such as sleep, nutrition (in fact, those of you who have been with us for a while will remember the healthy eating campaign we embarked on) mental health, work/life balance to name a few. Also being in a team of let’s say ‘women of a certain age’ we most certainly must consider our wellbeing and it goes further than having an office fan because we are either too hot or too cold!

So why has wellbeing suddenly become a ‘thing’? Well we don’t think it suddenly has – certainly we think it has been re-branded and may have been known by some as staff welfare in the past. Lots of the initiatives we see have been around for quite a while, for example employee assistance schemes, flexible working, and staff benefits such as gym memberships. However, the agenda is widening, for example, the menopause is now getting some air time and also our attitudes towards mental health have shifted significantly – it is no longer a taboo subject or masked as another illness. Ultimately, focussing on wellbeing makes business sense too. A happy, healthy and engaged workforce is a productive one – simple!

To help businesses get to grips with wellbeing and develop their strategies, we are running a half day event where we will bring together and share information on some of the areas of focus, listen to what other businesses are building into their strategies (and to what success) and share thoughts and ideas as a group. As a result, you should be in a really good position to shape a wellbeing strategy for your business.

Wellbeing isn’t a fad – it’s good business sense. To ensure your business and you are at the forefront with the right focus and approach contact us to find out more about our wellbeing workshop.

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