Week 3 in the Pro-Development House

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3lb – Weight loss

Energy levels – about the same at the moment but the dark mornings/nights don’t help.

Ok, ok I’ve not been sticking to it religiously, but it’s hard when you’re networking. All that lovely food, bacon butties yum yum! I also have attended a couple of events where it appeared drinking lots of wine was compulsory!!! However, in my defence, when I am good I am very good. Coming off caffeine was a nightmare, so much so I had to revert back to one normal cuppa a day…hey, I’m only human! Eating lots of fish and prawns which I’m loving.


5lb – Weight loss

Energy levels – increasing (5 out of 10)

Loving rye bread toasted and smothered in butter with fried eggs for breakfast! Soup for dinner then it gets a bit tiresome by teatime. There’s only so much salmon and cauliflower a girl can eat. Need to expand my repertoire a little. On the plus side, saw some friends at the weekend who thought I looked great. I’ll take that!


Energy Levels – increasing (6 out of 10)

How would I describe my healthy eating plan? Well, I do not frequent the crisp aisle quite so often and I try and close the fridge when a chilled bottle of Sauvignon Blanc is winking at me! I am partial to a little Tofu for a snack these days although I have to put plenty of spice on it and the mackerel for breakfast is actually great. The office fridge is now stocked up with soups too so all is incredibly positive – we had to take the bottles of champagne out though to fit them in!!!


Energy Levels – not noticed a remarkable difference yet.

Now Gluten and diary free and feeling much better for it. Other things are more of a challenge, in particular crisps and gin (especially on a Friday night). Any suggestions for a healthy alternative?? I wonder whether raspberry gin counts as a portion of fruit?

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