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Oh dear, Christmas and heathy eating are certainly a challenge! Here’s how we are all getting on with our Rebalance Foundation plan…its mixed reading!


Weight loss…No Idea

Energy…About the same

Well, let’s just say an all-inclusive holiday to Morocco didn’t help my cause, nor did frying 200 rashers of bacon in butter at the Wilberfoss Christmas fair! I also had a binge at the weekend and ate anything in sight (whoops!) However, on the plus side I have been making sensible choices, soups for dinner, lots of fish and less alcohol.


Weight loss…Negligible


I must say I am loving the flavours, the food I am eating is much tastier. I had fish and chips the other day and found the chips were flavourless and a waste of calories. Will just have the fish next time, eggs for breakfast are here to stay, even the kids like their new breakfast. I’m on it now though, head down and focus time!


Weight loss…In need of a refocus


Energy levels may be good due to the volume of lentils driving me forward, not sure the team appreciate it though! Seriously, I am eating more pulses and really enjoying them, they are a great alternative to potato. I recommend making your own hummus and have some other lovely recipes using pulses, get in touch if you want details. The next few weeks will be a challenge now that Steph has introduced me to gluten free mince pies!


Weight loss…Have Put Weight On


Ok I will get the confessions out of the way first. Yes, I have been out partying with friends and family and have been partial to the odd bottle (Whoops) I meant glass of Prosecco on occasions. I would love to say that a bacon buttie hasn’t touched my lips but I would be lying! I even had some Christmas pudding with Brandy Cream on Saturday night…oh the shame! However, let’s end on a positive, the tasty soups for lunch, hummus dips, herbal teas and alcohol free nights are going really well!

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