Want to improve Productivity? Be kind to yourself!

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productivity nov 19 This isn’t the usual blog about productivity, this one is a little different. In this blog we are going to explore productivity aligned with Self Compassion and Kindness. What has Self Compassion and Kindness got to do with Productivity we hear you say? Well we think there is a big connection.

Have you ever listened to how you speak to yourself? If you are anything like much of the population then you probably recognise phrases like… ‘I don’t like my xyz’ or ‘well you messed that one up’ or maybe ‘get a grip’ or even ‘that’s my fault’. In fact, we bet if we all listened to our internal dialogue regularly we might be shocked at how we treat ourselves.

The truth is if we can’t be kind to ourselves and forgive, if we can’t soothe and care for ourselves, then we will never be our best self and that is bound to affect our productivity.

So, what can we do to begin this journey of self-care and compassion? Here are some thoughts from us:

1. When you mess up (for most of us that is nearly every day), just pause and notice how you respond. Take that moment to give yourself a hug or as the wonderful Kristen Neff suggests a ‘Self Compassion break’ – where you might repeat some phrases of comfort like ‘may I be kind to myself’. When you fail to be compassionate to yourself, let yourself off the hook and be kind about that.

2. Make gratitude your attitude – that is, start noticing the things that are going well or that you are doing well, rather than the things that are not going well or that you do not feel good at. Once you notice them, show gratitude to yourself for them. A good little exercise is to try and notice 3 (or more) things about yourself or what you are experiencing that you are grateful for every day.

3. Let go… sounds easy doesn’t it, but, we know how challenging that can be. Letting go of things that didn’t go well, or that we may not have done so well makes way for fresh thinking and new learning. Just note what you might have done differently and then move on!

These are just a few thoughts from us here at Pro-Development and there are many more. In our experience clients that have started this journey have helped to improve their productivity! Why? Well, because they started feeling better about themselves.

At Pro-Development we love to support teams and individuals with their productivity. To hear more about how we might be able to help you, contact us on info@pro-development.co.uk or call us on 01904 628 838

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