Time to reflect

Written by Michelle Mook on . Posted in Sunflower Diaries

Good grief, another year nearly over, and what a year! As we say every year, now is the time to reflect and this year, we probably have more to reflect on than ever.

It has been the year where many have re-evaluated what is important to them. Whether that be more family time, leisure time or maybe a change of career. It has been a year where we started to notice more. We noticed the blossom, the light of the moon, the birdsong which heightened as the sound of traffic dropped. It has been a year where our resilience has stood out alongside our vulnerability, and a year where we have realised that both have their place.

So, take a moment and reflect on your year. Think about the moments that made a difference, the things you have achieved despite the turbulence, uncertainty and chaos around us. Think about the challenges you have overcome, and the lessons learned along the way. We know that some of you have not stopped for breath this year. Now is the time.

Before you step into 2021, think about what you are going to continue with and what you are going to differently, what will you stop and what will you start. Make some commitments and write them down. Visual how you want 2021 to be and feel for you.

If you feel like you need any support to step into 2021 with renewed vigour and energy, you may wish to consider coaching. Our confidential 1:1 sessions will support you in working towards a goal you set. Funding is available for these sessions too if you are within the Leeds City Region. It might be just the tonic you need to set you on the right path for 2021.

For more information, contact the team.

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