This Month Michelle and Sue Went On Tour

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Away day June 2018 Yorwaste What goes on tour … well, doesn’t stay on tour as we can’t wait to share with you about what a fantastic 2 days we had. This month Michelle and Sue went on a Yorkshire tour (well a residential) with a fabulous local Yorkshire company and their amazing leadership team. How great it is to see a business seeing the benefits in investing in their managers and leaders.

When you consider that 62% of people leave their job because of their manager, investment at this level makes plain business sense. Managers not only motivate and engage their teams to deliver and be the best they can be, they also ensure that your strategies are implemented and embedded. So how did this group of managers and leaders benefit in attending?

Here are some comments we received…

• A better understanding of the bigger picture – where is the business going and individual roles within that

• A better understanding of why certain polices and procedures are so important

• Able to build new relationships

• The opportunity to make deeper connections with people

• Explored more effective ways of communicating with each other

• A commitment to talk more to each other

• Daring to be vulnerable, sharing their weaknesses

• Had honest conversations and built upon the levels of trust

In addition, we noticed an increase in energy and a lot of fun being had too along the way! Not bad for two days out of the business and we are really excited about where they will take this next?

What about your business?

• What are you doing to develop your leaders and managers?

• Are you giving them time out to step back and reflect?

• When did you last invest in your leaders?

If you would like to know more about how to develop you managers and leaders Click Here for more information or give us a call to understand how we could develop a bespoke event to meet your needs.

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