The listening zone

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listening aug Being in the listening zone is easier said than done. Listening is notoriously hard work, ask anyone who interviews for a living!

Listening happens on various levels. Firstly, there is the level that is just noise, you know, you can see the lips moving and noise coming out but the meaning is completely lost. You may have glazed over (I’m sure we can all resonate with that!)

We can also listen, but all the while just wanting to get our point across, waiting for that moment when we can interject and take over the conversation. Sound familiar?

Sometimes we listen with judgement. Do you remember ever thinking whilst listening to someone “here we go again” or “you would say that”!

I am sure we can all identify with these listening states and have experienced them at some point. So we need to work on our listening skills to block out these urges and simply listen. So how can we do that…here are some hints and tips.

• Move away from distractions e.g. phones, other people etc (we recommend going outside)

• Give yourself permission to stop and listen

• Recognise listening as part of your job, not an interruption from it

• Ask questions and probe for greater understanding

• Good eye contact and attentive body language helps

• Repeat back a summary of what you have heard to check your interpretation and understanding

• Enjoy listening to others and how valued you are making that person feel

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