The ABC’s of keeping our people and teams engaged – Embrace health and wellbeing

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health and wellbeing This is the final blog on our series where we have been sharing our ABC’s of keeping people and teams engaged. Remember, whether people are working from home or furloughed, they are still part of your team and it is key to continue to support them. We know from research, being part of a team is a key element to feeling engaged and motivated at work.

Authentic and Inspiring leadership

Be prepared – have a plan

Communicate and keep connected

Develop a strong and valued team

Embrace health and wellbeing

This week we are finishing with E – embrace health and wellbeing. Now we know that health and wellbeing is embraced by some and knocked by others, however we believe taking care of yourselves and others must be a good thing. In fact we have been hearing about how people are reflecting that slowing down, going for walks, noticing things like the blossom tress and bird song has been a bit of a wake up call and that they simply don’t want to return to the same level of busyness of life before lockdown. Now, that is food for thought!

Embrace health and wellbeing

We know that isolation and loneliness can bring with it a number of health and wellbeing issues – another reason why it is so important to keep communication going with your team

• It’s good to talk – ask people “how are you doing?” and if they say OK, ask “how are you really doing?” – this will often create a conversation that might not have been had

• Encourage your team to look after themselves – whether it’s doing the Joe Wicks morning workout or just ensuring everyone gets that daily exercise.

• Have some fun – we know that laughter and fun are good for our wellbeing. So, find some ways to have fun together and laugh together. One team we know are together, combining their walking steps to see how far they get!

Our challenge to you….

• Ring 3 people to ask “how are you doing” and take the time to chat

• Reflect on what have been the positive actions you have taken to support your own health and wellbeing?

• Pick one of these actions that you can commit to on the other side of lockdown

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