The ABC’s of keeping our people and teams engaged – Develop a strong and valued team

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strong teams Authentic and Inspiring leadership

Be prepared – have a plan

Communicate and keep connected

Develop a strong and valued team

Embrace health and wellbeing

This week we are looking at developing a strong and valued team. Solid teams have been fragmented through this situation. We are finding that resentment is building in some teams as those who are working are forming strong sub teams which is great, but unfortunately to the detriment of others who are feeling vulnerable and excluded. People still working can feel a sense of unfairness as they see furloughed worker being paid for not contributing. The list of scenarios and emotions are many, on the other side of this current situation however, you do need your strong team to pull together. So with that in mind, lets look at what you can do now to strengthen your position.

Develop a strong and valued team

Keep the sense of team going – working from home or being furloughed does not mean that you can’t still feel part of a team

Hints and tips

• Virtual coffee and lunch breaks – encourage people to take time out together.

• Recognise achievements through these times – we are in such a unique situation, anything that people achieve should be celebrated. More than ever people need to feel valued.

• Capture and encourage learning – everyone is learning new skills every day at the moment so make sure people record these against their personal learning or development plans.

• Those who are furloughed can still be learning and developing themselves (as long as it is not generating income) and it can be a great time to do this.

• Celebrate success, share successes every day with people and celebrate the small things.

Our challenge to you…

• Reflect on your own feeling on ‘sense of team’ right now – what would make it better for you?

• Ask your team members what’s working for them and what isn’t. Our Covid-19 survey could help you to do this.

• Hold a team virtual coffee break or fun quiz

If you would like to understand how your team are feeling now to help you in the recovery stage, why not complete our Covid-10 survey. To find out more click here.

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