The ABC’s of keeping our people and teams engaged – Communicate and keep connected

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The ABC’s of keeping our people and teams engaged Communicate and keep connected

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Authentic and Inspiring leadership

Be prepared – have a plan

Communicate and keep connected

Develop a strong and valued team

Embrace health and wellbeing

This week we are looking at communication. Time and time again in our Employee Engagement surveys, communication is in the bottom three and is notoriously difficult to get right. We often advise 3 golden rules which are – Communicate, communicate, communicate. This weeks blog expands on our golden rules to help you communicate and keep connected.

Communicate and keep connected

We know that when communication stops, people fill in the gaps, worry and create their own story. Don’t let this happen, make sure you communicate with your team every day.

Hints and Tips

• Be open, honest and transparent – your team are adults so treat them with the respect they deserve.

• Two-way communication is key. Make sure your team have a voice too and most important, make the time to listen.

• Hold daily online sessions with the team – even for those who are furloughed, there is no reason not to keep in contact.

• Consider different methods and technologies for different messages – some will need to be more formal and others informal; work out what is best for your people and teams.

• Keep going with your one to one sessions with team members – whether by phone or online, check in regularly with people, check how they are doing and coping.

• Use other technologies to keep some of the banter and social chat – we’ve been using WhatsApp as a way to have some fun through these times.

Our challenge to you…

• Think of 3 people who you have not connected with for over a week and get in touch.

• Try some new technology and if you are uncomfortable pressing that video function button – press it and video chat!

If you would like to understand how your team are feeling now to help you in the recovery stage, why not complete our Covid-10 survey. To find out more click here.

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