The ABC’s of keeping our people and teams engaged – Authentic and Inspiring leadership

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authentic april 2020 Whether people are working from home or furloughed, they are still part of your team and it is key to continue to support them. We know from research, being part of a team is a key element to feeling engaged and motivated at work.

Your main aim now is to ensure, when you come out the other side of this, you have a team who want to come back, that you have retained through these challenging times.

So bearing this in mind over the next few weeks we are sharing the ABC’s of keeping our people and teams engaged, a series of 5 blogs to ensure you and your team are motivated and raring to go when the time comes.

Authentic and Inspiring leadership

Be prepared – have a plan

Communicate and keep connected

Develop a strong and valued team

Embrace health and wellbeing

Authentic and Inspiring leadership

This first blog focuses on authentic and inspiring leadership as we know that in times of crisis, we look to our leader/manager for direction and support. This can be tough when you are also going through a whole raft of emotions yourself.

Hints and tips…

• Know that this is what inspires people. Nobody expects you to be perfect, and it can often help others if they know it is OK to not be OK sometimes and can help to talk about it.

• Trust your team – for many years, we have been encouraging our clients to provide more flexibility to work from home. We have now been forced into this and many are surprised at how quickly everyone adapted. So, build on this. Don’t micro-manage the team, just be there to support them if they need it.

• Live and breathe your values – now is the time to step up and role model all that you have talked about over the last few years. If you have core values in your business, make sure you are re-enforcing them. Whatever you ask of others, be willing to do the same.

• Allow yourself to show your vulnerabilities

Our challenge to you…

• Allow yourself to be vulnerable – what do you feel you could share right now?

• Find out how your team are feeling right now? Maybe undertake our employee engagement and wellbeing check in tool – contact for info

• Share stories with the team of how you see the values being brought to life and celebrate this success

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