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3 Peaks Challenge – 3rd Update

Written by Michelle Mook on . Posted in Sunflower Diaries

Our training is continuing and we now have less than a month to go! Here are the latest in our trials and tribulations!

Liz – did two very hot and painful runs in Murcia whilst on holiday. It was approx. 35 degrees everyday so the only possible way to run was to go out early morning before the sun got too hot! Nights weren’t an option because by the time the sun went down, too many gin and tonics had been consumed! She has also done a couple of gym sessions plus a 7 mile training walk with Michelle in the Howardian Hills. She has also purchased some walking trousers and a new ruck sack!

Michelle – has been busy in the gym plus swimming whilst on holiday at Center Parcs. Her new walking boots are now safely broken in with no blisters, result! As mentioned above, she has done a training walk with Liz, unfortunately having to spend too long looking at the map with long debates about direction as navigation and map reading are not their best skill! However Michelle did get them where they needed to be and came out as the top map reader of the day!

Sue – has purchased new walking boots – at long last!! She has tried walking uphill with them and her report back to us was “Boots OK, walking uphill not OK”! Oh dear! She thinks due to spending too much of her life in Hull, which is flat, her walking muscles have not developed. She hated the walk, and to quote her again “it was a painful and miserable experience and how anyone enjoys walking uphill is beyond me. I didn’t mind the downhill bit though and the two pints of pale ale at the end!”. She does make us laugh!

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