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The business of rugby – Part 2

Written by Michelle Mook on . Posted in Sunflower Diaries

legacy book 1 2019Last week we shared our tips for developing yourself and your team following reading a great book, Legacy by James Kerr all about how the All Blacks became one of the world’s most successful sporting teams! We were quite excited that much of what we read is how Pro-Development approach individual and team development.

This week, in part 2, we focus on the steps that leadership teams need to take to engage your teams and ensure they help them to be their most productive and become a winning team.

Leading through change and Responsibility

The need for a strategy for change is crucial. The ability to adapt to the environment and not just accept what is, sets your business and leaders apart from the rest. But then, taking people with you on the journey providing a clear sense of purpose, vision and values and deliberately handing over responsibility will create an engaged team who are able to adapt to the change around them.

Do you have an inspiring purpose, vision and values? Is everyone in your team connected to this?

Create the right Environment

Successful teams create a learning environment where people are encouraged to take risks and try things out. This is what empowers people to give their very best every day. The key is to support your teams to have honest and healthy conversations with each other and you.

Do you empower people and support risk taking?

Are your teams sharing feedback and helping each other to develop?

Rituals and stories

What rituals do you have? What’s your Haka??

Our approach to employee engagement help to establish if your vision and purpose are inspiring your teams and we can help you to understand if your environment and culture are bringing out the best in people. If you are interested in finding out more, why not come along to one of our monthly workshops on the 1st May or 18th June.

Emails – Is it just me?

Written by Michelle Mook on . Posted in Sunflower Diaries

email or call Is there anybody else out their who spends ages composing an email, reads and re-reads and then hovers over the send button mustering up the courage to press the button? It is so difficult to send some emails knowing that the words we use can be interpreted in so many ways, often dependant on the mood of the receiver, the grammar and mis-use of grammar, the size of font and is it appropriate to use bold? Dare I underline? Red font means trouble, but what does blue font mean?

Why oh why are we reducing our use of the telephone? We used to use it before the advent of email and text and rarely hovered over the key pad. Is it time to bring the phone back into our lives more? Well we think so, not to replace email but to be used in conjunction with.

We often find that communication is an area that scores low on employee engagement surveys, and an over reliance on emails to communicate makes a regular appearance in the comments.

So, I would like to challenge you all today, to make a call where you would normally email. Note the difference it makes to the quality of the communication. If you find it has a positive impact, try and make a phone call part of your daily routine, just as email is. Email does have its place, no doubt, just leave a little room for a conversation … it’s good to talk!

If you would like to know more about Employee Engagement, click here. If you would like support with communication in your business, you could email us on and don’t forget you can always pick up the phone and call us on 01904 628838 for a good old fashioned chat!

The Benefits of Team Working

Written by Michelle Mook on . Posted in Sunflower Diaries

people in a circle The Benefits of Team Working

It’s no surprise that working in a supportive team contributes to employee engagement levels, yet time after time we uncover teams where a ‘them and us’ attitude prevails and gets in the way of growth. Teamwork brings about lots of benefits so it’s worth investing time in the team so they can connect and work collaboratively towards a collective goal. Lets look at some of the benefits team working can bring.

A sense of belonging

A sense of belonging is a human need, just like the need for food and shelter. A sense of belonging to a group improves motivation, health, and happiness.  Many find belonging to a team provides a purpose, and a heightened sense of feeling valued.

Ability to play to strengths

A team is made up from people with various strengths. A lot of energy can be spent working on things that individuals find hard to do or draining. Working in a team enables tasks to be aligned to individual’s strengths which could bring faster output, higher performance, more energy and increased job satisfaction.

Having a network of people for support

There are times when indiviudals are not sure of the next steps, times when workloads are overbearing and maybe times when we just need to talk things through. Working in a team provides the opportunity to share what is on our mind, check out our thoughts, motivate each other, and build our confidence and self-belief.

It is amazing the amount of camaraderie that is created in teams, especially when the going gets tough. When you know you have the support and encouragement of a team behind you, you are highly likely to be braver and push yourself harder.

More creative thinking

We all have different skills, knowledge and personal attributes. By using all of these different aspects in a team, more ideas can be produced. As more ideas are generated, more creative solutions are promoted, leading to better results.

The opportunity to develop and acquire new skills

Working in a team exposes individuals to a whole range of skills and opportunities from which they can to learn from others. In addition, when new people join the team they bring a vast array of previous experience and associated skills and abilities and this can further broaden our own skills set.

Having fun!

Working in a team that has fun together not only makes work a pleasant environment to be in, but it can also act as stress relief too! So go on and have some fun today!

If your team needs to connect and have some fun, why not get in touch and we can design a bespoke team event for you.

EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT – we are running an Employee Engagement Workshop on Wednesday 29th June or Tuesday 27th September at the York Science Park, to book a place click here.