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The business of rugby – Part 2

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legacy book 1 2019Last week we shared our tips for developing yourself and your team following reading a great book, Legacy by James Kerr all about how the All Blacks became one of the world’s most successful sporting teams! We were quite excited that much of what we read is how Pro-Development approach individual and team development.

This week, in part 2, we focus on the steps that leadership teams need to take to engage your teams and ensure they help them to be their most productive and become a winning team.

Leading through change and Responsibility

The need for a strategy for change is crucial. The ability to adapt to the environment and not just accept what is, sets your business and leaders apart from the rest. But then, taking people with you on the journey providing a clear sense of purpose, vision and values and deliberately handing over responsibility will create an engaged team who are able to adapt to the change around them.

Do you have an inspiring purpose, vision and values? Is everyone in your team connected to this?

Create the right Environment

Successful teams create a learning environment where people are encouraged to take risks and try things out. This is what empowers people to give their very best every day. The key is to support your teams to have honest and healthy conversations with each other and you.

Do you empower people and support risk taking?

Are your teams sharing feedback and helping each other to develop?

Rituals and stories

What rituals do you have? What’s your Haka??

Our approach to employee engagement help to establish if your vision and purpose are inspiring your teams and we can help you to understand if your environment and culture are bringing out the best in people. If you are interested in finding out more, why not come along to one of our monthly workshops on the 1st May or 18th June.

Celebrate your success!

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time to celebrate          

As the year draws to a close its time to reflect on all that you have achieved and celebrate your success, but how many times do we forget the latter?

At Pro-Development we believe one of the most important parts of goal-setting is celebrating success. Taking the time to celebrate success, no matter how big or small the achievement helps to motivate the team, builds individuals confidence in their ability, builds customer confidence in the business, encourages continuous improvement along with creativity and innovation. It also says a lot about what a great employer you are. So celebrating success is good for people and good for business too. So go celebrate in style.
  1. Write down your success and put it where it can be seen every day
  2. Reflect on the key factors that helped you to get to success
  3. Recognise all those who contributed
  4. Thank everyone involved
  5. Accept and enjoy the compliments
  6. Share the news with those close to you such as friends, family and colleagues
  7. Share the news wider via twitter, blogs, newsletters, emails. You may just inspire someone!
  8. Cross it off your list of goals
  9. Treat yourself to something lovely
  10. Have some fun!
And there’s no better time to have fun than Christmas, so happy Christmas to you all.

prodev christmas do

Best Year to date for Staff Development Company – York Press

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Michelle - wall colour

We’re so proud of our achievements this year and York Press wrote a lovely article about us which we wanted to share with you here:-

A YORK company specialising in staff development has enjoyed its most successful year to date with a three-fold increase in turnover off the back of a major project with the Government.

Launched three years ago, Wilberfoss-based Pro-Development was a finalist this year in the Training Journal Awards with founder Michelle Mook shortlisted as Learning & Development Professional of the Year 2014 following the successful completion of a project wit the Cabinet Office.

Mrs Mook said after enjoy the busiest year since its launch in 2011, Pro-Development is set for further growth into 2015 as more companies start to make the connection between employee engagement and tangible results.

She said: “Companies with a factory full of expensive equipment that is fundamental to their business have a maintenance plan and budget in place. Regular service checks ensure that equipment remains at optimum productivity levels and downtime is kept to a minimum.

“Yet so many companies that rely on people as their most valued and important asset have no such ‘maintenance programme’ in place to make sure their teams are working at their best and ensuring the business remains productive and profitable. By engaging and developing their people, businesses can benefit from a real productivity boost.”

It was this thinking that led Mrs Mook and her colleague Suzanne Courtney to realise a career-long ambition to create a programme that would help managers become more effective in leading and engaging their teams.

The six-month management development programme they created has seen delegates abseiling, caving, orienteering, raft building and fire walking, among other things, all in the name of learning.

Mrs Mook said: “We know from two decades in learning and development roles that people learn best when they experience something, and so we set out to create a course that would enable our delegates to experiences some incredible things that would help them develop themselves as well as their skills and knowledge.

“The results have been fantastic, and we’ve had rave reviews from everyone who took part.”

On the back of the programme’s success, and demand from other local businesses, Pro-Development is currently recruiting for three more programmes that will run in 2015.