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Combatting Monday morning blues

Written by Michelle Mook on . Posted in Sunflower Diaries

mondayWe have just had another bank holiday and many people we spoke to couldn’t wait for another Monday off work – but why do we find Mondays such a drag?

Is it the sense of loss of freedom or the mundane routine of it all, the treadmill of life! Or maybe it’s the people you work with dragging you down or the overwhelming sense of inability to make a difference. How can you combat the Monday morning blues?

Do something different before you go to work

First thing Monday morning get outside, have a coffee in your garden or go for a walk. Listen to the birds singing, feel the sunshine (or wind) on your face.

Stop telling yourself you dread Monday mornings

Ever heard of self-fullfilling prophecy? The prediction that directly or indirectly causes itself to become true! Fill your head with more positive thoughts about the great things you achieved last week and the brilliant things you can achieve this week!

Plan your diary wisely

Keep Monday mornings (or at least part of them) free to plan your week, get organised and maybe have a little sort out so you are in a great position for the week ahead.

Make someone smile…it will make you smile too

Undertake an act of kindness to make someone smile. Recognise a colleague’s efforts, tell someone what you value about them, compliment somebody, make a cuppa for the team. It costs nothing but a smile is priceless.

Have something to look forward to on Monday evening

Treat yourself to your favorite meal at teatime, or go to the gym or watch that programme you missed on catch up TV.

If you feel fed up and need to inject a bit of enthusiasm back into you life and work, why not contact us, we can help.