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The true recipe of Authentic Leadership

Written by Michelle Mook on . Posted in Sunflower Diaries

mdp cookery school croppedThis dish, if served as team portions, provides the following nutrients:-
  • Meaning – to help others to make sense and connect with what is happening
  • Direction and communicating with the team
  • Information to enable the team to feel empowered and accountable
  • Establishing how the team work together and value each other
  • Trust and an atmosphere where people feel able to be open and honest
  • Structure and order in ever changing and confusing situations
  • 6 Amazing Directors
  • 1 Cordon Bleu Chef called Hilary
  • 2 Doctors
  • 3 clipboards
  • 1 Tender
  • Loads of Food
  • 1 pan full of enthusiasm
  • Herbs to garnish

To make truly authentic leaders you must thoroughly prepare and make a great plan. Investing time in planning can avoid a good roasting! All plans have key deliverables, but always keep the end game in mind and plan to achieve the whole. Make sure everyone has understood the task and its meaning, and all the connections are made so that everyone is cooking from the same cook book.


  1. Preheat the team to a good degree of engagement.
  2. Every team member brings something different to the table, be it sugar or spice. Identify your team member’s strengths and provide opportunities to use them. It might just be the secret ingredient you need.
  3. Many of us took the approach of “working together” as a team, this worked very well, but remember not to get too much into the detail, use everyone around you to make sure that where possible, you are being a sensor (This may mean not intervening directly but if you don’t take the time to stand back, you may miss subtle clues or end up with a smoking oven!).
  4. Know what works well in the team; however don’t miss opportunities to try something new and different that could create an even better recipe.
  5. Define roles and accountabilities – who is in charge of chopping, stirring, cooking, presentation, delivering the meal!
  6. Check-in with the team regularly, letting them know progress against the goal, how they are doing, and listen to and value their contributions.
  7. Ask great questions, it can cost you if you don’t!
  8. Listen to what is said (as well as what is not said), you might just learn something!
  9. Remember that positive energy is there to be harnessed; with it you can create some great things. Don’t turn off the energy because you think you’re being undermined.
  10. You don’t ‘knead’ to know it all! Be aware of your limitations and when you should bring in the expertise.
  11. Finally pour the mixture over the team and sprinkle with some magic leadership dust.