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The Colour Purple

Written by Michelle Mook on . Posted in Sunflower Diaries

Bluebells 2 Have you seen the amazing displays of bluebells this year? As we were wandering through the woods at Hazelwood Castle last week, observing our amazing management development programme delegates performance managing their colleagues through a variety of challenges, we came across a swathe of bluebells. It was truly beautiful and stopped us in our tracks. We felt a sense of tranquillity and calm and wondered whether it was the bluebells or the expanse of purple that had such a profound effect on us.

England’s native bluebell is a deep violet colour and a mass of bluebells looks like a purple carpet. An expanse of purple in nature is rare and this may be why purple is often associated with having sacred meaning, and is traditionally the colour of nobility and of course, Pro-Development! Purple is made from a combination of red and blue and so embodies the balance of red’s stimulation with blue’s calm. The colour purple has been shown to affect us physically, lifting our mood, calming us, and boosting our creativity and imagination.

Challenge yourself, go outside and see a display of bluebells while they last, or better still, join us on our next Management Development Programme and you can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors whilst developing your skills as a manager. Click here to find out more.