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Can you afford to lose your good people?

Written by Michelle Mook on . Posted in Sunflower Diaries

Can you afford to lose your good people?

We’ve been working with some amazing companies recently who have all engaged with us because they are worried about losing some of their best people – and with recruiting the right people with the right attitude, values and skills becoming increasingly difficult, they can see that now is the time to understand how they can retain their most talented people. What’s really concerning businesses though is the costs associated with replacing people. HayGroup estimated it can cost between 12-18 months’ salary to replace an employee!

cost of losing staff
  • Do you know if one of your best people is considering leaving?
  • Are you doing everything to ensure that people want to stay in your business?
  • Do you know what is motivating and engaging your teams to ensure they are giving their best?

These are difficult questions to answer, and the holy grail of employee engagement and morale can feel a mystery at times! Employee engagement is not about specific skills or individual talents. It is more than mere job satisfaction, and greater than simple motivation. Engagement is not something you can demand; it is rather something both you and your employee must contribute to. Managers have a key role to play here and yet worryingly, 62% of employee’s leave their job as a result of their manager.

Yet the real, tangible economic benefits are all too clear: increased retention being a key one. And there are others including reduced sickness, greater customer satisfaction, improved productivity, optimum business performance; the list goes on. So, clearly, in a recovering economic climate and an increasingly buoyant job market, the need to have an engaged workforce has never been greater.

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