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Zoom, just one look and then my heart went Boom

Written by Michelle Mook on . Posted in Sunflower Diaries, Uncategorized

Well, we have all been busy Zooming (and MS Teaming) over these last few months adapting to our new environment, and we are becoming quite accustomed to this way of working.  We now have on-line team events and an on-line management programme and yet are often asked if they are as effective!

To be honest, although we had confidence in the content of the programmes, we were not sure how participative delegates would be in a virtual environment!  Well, we need not have worried, because on every single programme interaction has been brilliant.  There has maybe been the odd one or two people who were slightly more reserved but then, that is no different from face-to-face events so in the main, we have been really impressed.  We have also had some people who have shared that they have felt more able to be honest than if they were face-to-face!  We are certainly seeing a lot of honesty at these sessions.

We have set ourselves high standards to ensure the programmes have the vibrancy and experiential aspects of our face-to-face events and to us, that has contributed to their success.  Sessions are short, about a couple of hours, and run about every three weeks, allowing time for delegates to try new techniques and embed learning before coming back to the next session to share their reflections.

To us we have found Zoom and MS Teams a fantastic platform for learning and development.   Is Zoom and MS Teams the future?  For us, yes, they certainly have their place, and open up a whole new way of making learning more accessible, particularly for SMEs.  Do they replace face-to-face learning?  NEVER – whilst we embrace the new ways and really value the flexibility on-line learning brings… you never forget your first love 😉

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Look out soon for a video testimonial and hear what one of our clients has to say about their experience of our online team development programme.