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3 Peaks Challenge – Final Update – WE DID IT!

Written by Michelle Mook on . Posted in Sunflower Diaries, Uncategorized

Well, its with great relief that we are writing this blog! Yes we did it and we survived in one piece – sort of!! Can we start off by saying a massive thank you to all of you that supported us with messages and sponsor money – we are all very grateful.

We had fabulous weather and couldn’t have asked for a better day for the walk. We drove to Ingleton in the Dales on Saturday night and ate a very adequate meal of pie and chips (plus glass of red wine) to “carb up” – not quite the healthy carbing up that we’d been advised to do but hey ho!

We stayed in a nice guest house and attempted to get a good nights sleep before our alarm went off at 5.45am! We arrived at the starting point, Ribblehead Viaduct at 6.45 and the sun was just making an attempt to come out. After an inspirational pep talk, our leader, Mark Reid, led us up towards the first peak Whernside. Michelle and Sue were surprisingly perky and had slept well. Liz didn’t feel quite so good and took a while to wake up due to lack of an early injection of coffee (it took about 5 miles to be precise!).

Before the walk at 7am!

Before the walk at 7am!


We got up Whernside without much bother and as it was the first peak it’s a blooming good job we did, as at that point, we didn’t really have a clue what pain was in store!! Here is a photo of us at the top!

The second Peak was Ingleborough, this was a very long climb with an extremely steep asent towards the end which involved what we like to refer to as “scrambling and rock climbing”. It was that steep it really did feel like we needed ropes and harnesses – but alas none were offered!! Woman and the elements!!

3 or us

The view at the top of Ingleborough and a 15 minute lunch break were our reward. Here we are at the top of number 2!

The desent down Ingleborough was very tough on Liz and her knees took a battering! It was a long walk to Horton in Ribblesdale where we had a short break for toilets and refuelling at a café! Then onward for the third and final peak, Pen y Gent. This was challenging as it’s a long and fairly steep asent with the good old rock climbing scrambling bit at the top. It was still very clear so great views at the top once again.

On the desent down Pen y Gent we discovered that we still had 10 miles to walk back to the start/finish line! A few choice swear words could be heard along the way I can tell you! It was very hard by this point and we were very tired. Everything was hurting, particularly feet and knees! It was knowing that we had to write this blog and report back to people, that kept us going, plus the very important matter of sponsor money, of course we couldn’t’ even have thought of letting the charities down, so on we plodded!

We finished in 12 hours and the relief was amazing! We had a Pale Ale at the pub at the end which was a very welcome sight, followed by champagne once we were back to our guest house!

A glass of champagne after the walk!

A glass of champagne after the walk!