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help People Panel Week 4 and we’re back for more!

Gosh, was it only 4 weeks ago when we set up the FREE online support group with four other local businesses, Joanne Clendinning from Twenty Twenty Consulting, Natalie McMillan from McMillan & Associates, Denise Jennings from Athena HR and Tiggy Clifford from Torque Law!

We have been absolutely blown away by the support and help that has been offered through the group. The response has been amazing, and we now have around 70 businesses registered on the calls and every day we get around 20 people dialing in. It has been such a great support for everyone with shared learning, resources, ideas, support and has even resulted in some people doing business together which we never anticipated.

On a call this week we asked people what they were finding beneficial about the People Panel. Here’s what they had to say:

  •  It’s so great to receive key information regarding HR legal guidance and the employment law aspect surrounding Covid-19
  • Getting ideas around remote working and other areas around employee engagement in our new virtual employment world – as a result, actions have been taken which include virtual coffee breaks, WhatsApp groups and the confidence to deliver my own team online sessions
  • Feeling part of a community of business owners who are also there/ living this nonsense and the support that has given me is immense
  • Sharing helpful tips and advice together from NHS resources, articles about resilience and mental wellbeing
  • Sharing business updates from various sources including HMRC, Make it York, York and North Yorkshire LEP and York City Council
  • Having discussions with other businesses who are in a similar boat, and how they deal with the challenges and what they have implemented around working practices within their environments
  • Getting comfort that you don’t feel like the only person to have an off day, and missing working with your colleagues and clients
  • Finding successes every day to share with each other and keep spirits lifted and remind ourselves of what we are all achieving in these challenging times
  • Ideas shared and encouraged for supporting not only the team’s wellbeing but also business owners too including advice mindfulness and exercise
  • Being able to listen to others, never to judge, and always to respect
  • Having a routine – the call has been a good focal point for the day
  • Being able to laugh…from happy birthdays, anniversaries, Raster fun and just generally sharing our own stories…. this has been so important
We are just thrilled that, as well as providing information and advice, we have also formed a supportive community of friends, so if this is something that you feel you and your business would benefit from, why not join us on some of our DAILY ZOOM SESSION 10.30-11.15am EVERY MORNING Monday to Friday. You would be very welcome.

You will need to register in advance for this meeting but once registered, you can dial in to them when you want or every day, whatever suits you. It might be for a quick question or you might wish to stay for the duration to discuss issues with other business owners and leaders.

Use this link to register.

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