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leadership may 18 Did you know that productivity has hardly grown since the 2008-9 recession, compared to the historic average of around 2%? The UK lag behind all but one of the other G7 nations. Pro-Development have been bringing this important issue to the attention of Yorkshire businesses from the very beginning of our existence! It is something we are very passionate about and driven to make a difference.

Ian Brinkley (acting Chief Economist for the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) recently ascribes the problem to poor quality managers, he states that “managerial and technical competencies have long been a weak area in the UK”. Indeed, a government report back in 2012 stated that 75 per cent of workers waste up to two hours out of their working week due to inefficient managers.

Worst management practices responsible for time lost include:-

– unclear communication (33 %)

– lack of support (33 %)

– micro-management (26 %)

– lack of direction (25 %)

Pro-Development see this trend in our Employee Engagement surveys, so our experience suggests this is as real today as ever, so this issue of leadership capability isn’t going away.

Pro-Development have a Leadership Development Programme and we really do recommend that you speak with us if you feel that the leadership capability in your business would benefit.

“Improving leadership and management skills is the key that will unlock the potential of UK businesses, allowing them to seize the opportunities available to them and achieve sustainable economic prosperity – leadership & management in the uk – the key to sustainable growth”

To find out more about the programme click here.

“The course cleverly combined experiential outdoor learning in groups (with very different and stretching activities to anything I’d experienced before) with one-to-one coaching sessions in between and it’s this combination which is really powerful. If you’re serious about your own development as a leader, I couldn’t recommend Pro-Development more highly.” Ed Reid, Owner of The Alternative Board UK

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