Monday Morning Blues

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keep calm nov 19 “I woke up this morning…with the Monday morning blues. I couldn’t hardly find… my Monday morning shoes…. searched all through my bones…. Monday morning blues”.

Yep its Sunday night and you start to get that feeling, in the gut that you have another week of work coming. At Pro-Development we call it ‘mucky Monday’ and it doesn’t always feel good. But what really causes us to feel like that? Is it simply that we are preparing ourselves for another week where we have to focus on work? Could it be that we are gearing ourselves up to perform? Or is it just that we don’t want to go to work? There is no doubt that for those lucky people that have found work that they love, Monday morning is just another opportunity to go and do something they love. So how do we get to the bottom of our Monday Morning blues?

Tip 1 – What’s wrong with Monday morning?

Answer the question honestly. When we coach clients at Pro-Development or when we run staff surveys and interviews to help understand engagement levels, we often find that people feel a lack lustre when they have genuinely stopped loving what they do, but they often find it isn’t just Monday morning that is the problem. Alternatively, they may find it isn’t the work they no longer love, but that there are some simple changes that help them get back to a place of enjoyment.

Tip 2 – Give yourself time on Monday morning

Monday mornings can be fraught when they are crammed with meetings and other commitments, try and give yourself a bit of space on a Monday morning to prepare yourself for the week ahead. You might find it is helpful to start the process on Friday afternoon, by preparing your schedule and finishing anything you can off. We have worked with some clients who have protected time on a Monday morning, could this work for you?

Tip 3 – Take your weekend

Enjoy your weekend, take time for yourself and leave work at work (hard we know). It is tempting to cram as many things as we can into those precious days at the end of the week. However, being mindful with our body and allowing it time to relax is very important. This includes getting good sleep, taking care of our bodies and giving it nutritious food and rest, taking care of our busy ‘monkey minds’ by trying activities like mindfulness, walking and yoga.

We would love to hear your thoughts on how to tackle those Monday Morning blues. Tell us how you approach your Monday’s.

At Pro-Development we help clients tackle their Monday Morning blues in many ways. Contact us if you would like to hear more on or 01904 628838 – we would love to hear from you.

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