Mama Mia!

Written by Michelle Mook on . Posted in Sunflower Diaries

Yes, here we go again, another lockdown but this time with a glimmer of hope of a vaccine! This made us think about how we can forget to look for the positives sometimes. The news of a lockdown has hit hard, a second blow, a blow which has floored some people!

So, let us take a moment to reframe and look for the positive.

• A vaccine is imminent – wahoo!

• The pets are ecstatic to have us home

• We have remote working nailed

• Funding has been made available to support team building

• Schools are open

• Training can continue and remember for those still furloughed

• We have more time to exercise

• Funding is available – in fact 40% towards the cost of training and development

• The roads are quieter

• Christmas is around the corner!

So, let’s look to the positive and re-energise. Then let us spend our energy supporting those who need it most. Take time to notice those around you, who need support, who need your time, who need a rest, who need positivity and who needs compassion.

We have all been on a bit of a journey with highs and lows – lets make sure we come out of this stronger, kinder, and happier.

If we can help you in any way let us know. Whether you need training, coaching, mentoring or an opportunity to do some team building, we can support you with funding. So yes, here we go again, but let’s go again with a spring in our step, sunshine in our hearts and funding in the pot!

You can contact us at or call us for a chat 01904 628838.

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