Learning at work week – what did we do?

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We got involved in some great activities during Learning at Work Week, here are just a few……

Learning at work poster 2016 At the start of the week we worked with a company exploring the skills and capabilities required for the future. We looked at succession planning and how managers could develop and grow their people in line with business growth. This was a great opportunity for the managers to reflect on the skills they had in the business and the skills they need. Have you taken the time to consider the future skills you require?

On Tuesday Michelle attended the annual TAB conference. There were lots of different sessions and she particularly enjoyed “Timeless Principles of Exceptional Business” hosted by Ed Reid which provided food for thought on differentiating your business offering.

Mid-week we spent a day working with a group of middle managers, focusing on the skills required to delegate, empower and motivate a team to high performance. Learning to let go can be one of the hardest challenges. What can get in the way of you letting go?

On Wednesday we attended a learning session on mind mapping, which was a fantastic refresher on the benefits of the tool. The whole team attended a session entitled “The Money Effect” which was all about personal finances and thinking about our financial future.

Thursday we attended a ‘lunch and learn’ session on Customer Relationship Management systems. We went along open minded not sure of what we would learn. We can report back that the session was very informative and insightful, not only by hearing from the speaker, but also learning from the experience of others. Sometimes you just never know when you will learn something new! When did you last take time out in the working day to broaden your horizons and learn something new?

The close of the week saw Michelle develop her skill in public speaking, being a guest on Vale Radio, speaking on the subject of Employee Engagement. Speaking on the radio is totally out of Michelle’s comfort zone but well done to Michelle, she was fantastic! When did you last step out of your comfort zone and into your learning zone?

Learning in your workplace

Why not look at this great guide on ‘leading and learning’ which shows managers and team leaders how to build a learning culture without the need for a huge investment in money and time.

The guide offers practical suggestions for planning, evaluating, promotion, supporting essential skills and overcoming obstacles for learning. And remember…..If you need help with learning in your workplace, Pro-Development can help.

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