Launching Management Development in 2014 21 October 2013

Written by Michelle Mook on . Posted in Sunflower Diaries

A highly creative programme aimed at managers and leaders in SMEs. This Programme will provide you with an opportunity to learn about yourself, discovering how you remain authentic whilst bringing out the very best in your teams and colleagues.
  • 43% of UK managers rate their line manager as ineffective.
  • Ineffective management is estimated to be costing UK businesses over 19 Billion per year in lost working hours. – Dept. for Bus innovation and skills (July 2012)
  • 72% of employees reported a lack of leadership & management skills in their organisations – CIPD May 2012
  • 62% of people leave their job as a result of their manager
One of the key drivers for Employee Engagement is Line Manager leadership abilities, yet in our recent surveys, it is one of the areas that many of our clients find the biggest challenge. Mainly, their managers are those employees who have worked for them right from the start – they are trusted and committed individuals but have never had the opportunity to be developed as a managed. They often lack confidence in their own abilities which gets in their way and also can become a huge obstacle to the growth and development of the team. So, would you like support in developing as a leader or do you have employees or colleagues who would benefit from development? We know from our conversations with you that time is a precious commodity so in response we have designed this programme to run over a six months period, supported by 1:1 coaching. Delegates will experience 7 x 1 day workshops with a group of other managers/leaders, with 1:1 coaching in-between to support personal development. So if you’re looking for confident and authentic managers who:
  • Inspire people to be their best, increasing your overall productivity
  • Enhance your customers experience by by putting them at the heart of your business
  • Motivate the workforce to become advocates of your products/services
  • Build an environment of honesty and trust, supporting your business to adapt to change
  • Encourage creativity and help innovate your business?
  • Contribute to reduced absence levels by creating a positive working environment
  • Reduce staff turnover and nurture talent by engaging and developing your people
  • Attract great people though a reputation of being a good employer
  • Communicate and lead your people toward achieving business goals
Get in touch today to book a place on the March programme: 07772921460 or click here to download the details.