It’s time for some Self Care

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self care So, Christmas is now out of the way, presents have been opened, meals have been eaten and Christmas Jumpers have had their day out. Now is the time for a new year and plans for your future but also some Self Care. What can you do to look after yourself that you can start creating good habits now that will serve you through the year and the future? It takes 66 days to create a positive habit which has a stronger chance of sticking! Here are some ideas of things that you can do for self-care and to improve quality time:

• Doing exercise – this does not have to be hitting the gym, just anything that increases your heart rate for 30minutes per day

• Meditation/ Yoga – some time in the morning even it is just for 10 minutes focussing on what you want to focus on for that day and getting your mind to be focussed on the task at hand.

• Family time at mealtimes – no phones at the table and engaging in conversation at least once per week to have that time to connect.

• Having a relaxing bath/ face masks etc (men, this is fun for you to try too!)

• Go for a walk on your own and be in touch with nature.

• Read a book.

In Today’s society, we are contactable on a 24hr/7days per week basis and it can be difficult to find the time to fit some self care in however we all have the same hours in the day, it is just how we prioritise this? Is it possible to wake up slightly earlier before the rest of the home wakes and do something for yourself? Are there things in the day that are not needed to be done or are wasting time? Can you listen to a self-development cd/audio book on the way to work?

We have calendars full of appointments for work and for our personal time, can we make an appointment for our self and honour this too?

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