It’s a little bit frightening

Written by Michelle Mook on . Posted in Sunflower Diaries

Like most people, six months ago we moved over to having a more virtual presence. At the time it was very VERY scary. What if the connection didn’t hold up? What if our computer crashed? How awful it would be to see you own face on screen! (Argghhhh – Scream in horror)

We really had to step up and face our fears, even though every single inch of us wanted to run away. Upon reflection, how bad was it? Honestly if you could see us now. We are more than happy to be on screen, even without make-up! We have adopted a news reader approach to business wear with tabletop dressing – smart on top, joggers on bottom! Well not quite, but you know what we mean! We have totally adapted to our new environment, but more than that we are thriving.

So, what does this tell us about ourselves, because this technology has been around for years. We have had to admit to ourselves that we have maybe stayed in our comfort zone, and remaining in there has made us blinkered to new tools and technology that could have transformed some of our work earlier.

It made us realise that although we do often step out of our comfort zones and into the “Learning Zone” and encourage others to do the same, when we feel it’s a step too far for us or them, we can sometimes reach for the blinkers or not push enough. Now don’t get us wrong, sometimes it can be a step too far into the “Danger Zone” and we need to listen to what our bodies are telling us, but sometimes it’s just a step further than normal, and just pushes us into the learning.

We guess that’s been our learn. We have categorised some change as ‘danger’ and we need to really be challenging ourselves to understand if it really is danger or are we running away. Yes, it can be a little bit frightening, but who wants to live life in fear and miss out on new opportunities!

If you need challenging or support in stepping out of your comfort zone, why not get in touch and look at how we can help you to step into your learning zone at

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