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Although there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach employee engagement, four common themes have emerged. Taken together, they include many of the key elements that go to make successful employee engagement. They are:

1. Strategic Narrative

2. Engaging managers

3. Employee Voice

4. Integrity

In a series of Videos Michelle Mook has contributed her thoughts and expertise alongside other regional ambassadors and leaders of Employee Engagement through the engage for success movement.

This time the experts focus on Integrity – Click hear to view the video. Or read this blog to gain a quick insight into the discussion.

Trust in the UK government and media is at all-time low. Trust and integrity is key to help us drive through todays challenges. Integrity is critical for organisations, and there is a huge reputational risk for getting this wrong that will live with you forever. Reputationally, behaving in a proper way has never been more important. It is not just about your internal integrity; it is about your brand too.

A human skill is seeing through insincerity. People can see who we really are and so its incredibly important that we have thought deeply about how our values are manifested in our behaviours. There is an opportunity to look at the values you set as an organisation and the behaviours you attached to those.

It can take 20 years to build a reputation, but we can lose it in 5 mins. There has never been a more important time to build trust and there are many examples of organisations surviving challenges intact because they went through with integrity. Now is the time we need to do this because we want to avoid survivor syndrome, for example leaders may expect morale to be high in those who have retained their jobs , which it won’t be if decisions have been handled badly.

Showing integrity is about wellbeing too. Do not say “we care about your wellbeing”, show that you mean it. It may not have shown before, so it needs to be genuine.

The #inittogether has been prevalent. Some people have really demonstrated this. Sometimes going through tough time does make us stronger, and there is an opportunity to build momentum but let us not forget to celebrate success.

Culture is evolving through the pandemic and we need to consider this in line with our CSR. For example, changes to our Health and Safety commitments as a business – how we greet each other (no handshakes), wearing masks. There is a level of social integrity that will change how companies act and think, communicate, and commit to. I hope there are fundamental changes that are better for society that businesses commit to.

Communicate honesty have integrity that if there are changes that need to happen be open, don’t make promises you can’t keep, and include people on the journey.

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