How we can work from home and stay productive

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working from home We are currently experiencing some unprecedented times now and many of us are being asked to work from home. We’ve agreed that today will be our last day together in the office for the foreseeable future and we will be working from home, perhaps with a meet up together for a walk at some point if guidelines permit!

We’ve been talking about how we can continue to work well together and thought it might be worth sharing with you some of our ideas that we will be implementing in the next few weeks.

Here are our top tips to help you stay productive and well in the coming weeks:

1. Keep in regularly contact with your team and use different technologies for keeping in touch with people. Consider using text messaging, WhatsApp and email. Use video conferencing systems such as Skype and Zoom as a means to keep some human/virtual contact – try having virtual meetings and perhaps even a virtual lunch!

2. Maintain Regular Hours. Set a schedule and stick to it…most of the time!

3. Create a morning routine which includes getting dressed – staying in your PJs all days, well be wary if someone tries to video call you

4. Take the time to create a plan for the day and share your plan with team members

5. Set Ground Rules with anyone else who is at home, so they understand what you need

6. Schedule Breaks – we often find working from home is when people can get more into flow so make sure you take a break and don’t feel guilty about doing so; you would do this as part of your normal working day – as part of your break, make the time to keep hydrated.

7. Create and keep a dedicated office space that works for you – find where works best for you and stick to it. Check your seating and positioning to make sure you are looking after your posture.

8. Remain positive and look after your own health and wellbeing through this time. Do what you need to ensure that you keep a good outlook, talk to people if you need and try some mindfulness – click here to read a previous blog about being happy, present and mindful.

9. Get outdoors – make some time to get some fresh air and exercise. Even if it’s a trot around the garden or a walk around the block.

10. Have an end of day routine which includes making a note of your key successes and creating a plan of clear outcomes for the next day

11. Leave work! One of the downsides to working from home is that you can feel that you don’t leave work. Use your end of day routine as part of this but make sure you finish at a reasonable hour and shut everything down.

12. Use some of the time ahead to think about your own development too. What will you focus on in the coming weeks to support your personal development?

13. Our top, top tip coming in at number 13 … walk away from the biscuit barrel … Sue!

If you want to use the coming time to get some support, we are running all our coaching as usual using Zoom or Skype or for those who want to, walking coaching. The great news is that we can access 40% funding from the European Social Fund (ESF) for businesses through the WYCC (West Yorkshire Consortium of Colleges). Employers contribute 60% of the total cost of the business support. Funding is available throughout 2020.

If you are interested in accessing the funding, just get in touch and we will check your eligibility and help you understand what solution will best fit your needs. Call us on 01904 628838

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