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Although there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach employee engagement, four common themes have emerged. Taken together, they include many of the key elements that go to make successful employee engagement. They are:

1. Strategic Narrative

2. Engaging managers

3. Employee Voice

4. Integrity

In a series of Videos Michelle Mook has contributed her thoughts and expertise alongside other regional ambassadors and leaders of Employee Engagement through the engage for success movement.

This time the experts focus on Strategic NarrativeClick hear to view the video. Or read this blog to gain a quick insight into the discussion.

Common story

It is critical to keep a common story of how you are approaching the situation and ensure this is cascaded throughout the business. Keep the story front and centre, in uncertainty this is key. Keeping a common story in the minds of people including those working remotely is fundamental to build and maintain trust.

Visible and Open Leadership

It may be impossible to provide certainty to the team, be visible and communicate what you can. Leaders are used to having a lot of the answers, but its ok in these uncertain times to share when you don’t have all the answers. Balance this message with what you do know. For example, we will be ok for the next six months, but I am not sure what the market will be in the future.


Do not breach trust, it is precious and very difficult to get back.

Regular messaging

Repeat and change the message as needed. Provide regular and constant messaging so you are building on your story.


Remind people of the vision and your passion. This will spark energy and excitement.

Remote working

Find new ways of telling the story. Remote working can bring about ambiguity with all those missed water cooler informal chats. How can this be done differently?

Share how people contribute

If the story has changed, help people see how they contribute to the new story. Let them know how their role has changed and how their input fits with the new strategy.


Ensure your cascade process is working. Often the story gets blocked and does not filter through. People then do not live and breathe the story.

Story confusion and fatigue

Beware of mixed messaging, keep the story clear and consistent to avoid any confusion. Story fatigue can also set in, where people stop listening. Think about how you can get the balance right.

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