How refreshing!

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employee engagement may 2019 Well we all know how refreshing a lovely glass of wine can be, however how refreshing was this employer’s attitude when a fine wine was served by mistake.

Let us explain. In the news recently there was a story where an employee in a restaurant served the wrong bottle of wine worth £4,500. The customer had ordered a £260 bottle. Just imagine how you would feel if you were that waiter/waitress! Mortified no doubt, indeed they were. However, the employer shared on social media this lovely message:

“to the customer who accidently got given a bottle of Chateau Le Pin Pomeral 2001, which is £4500 on our menu last night – hope you enjoyed your evening! To the member of staff who accidently gave it away, chin up! One-off mistakes happen and we love you anyway”

We would imagine employee engagement in this company must be extremely high. This response suggests they have a fantastic culture built on trust and learning rather than blame. Now we are not suggesting that people aren’t held accountable, indeed when there are consistent areas of underperformance an honest conversation needs to be had. We do however support the notion that people do not come to work to intentionally make mistakes, generally something in the system or process has led them to the wrong decision or outcome. So next time something happens in your workplace, stop for a moment and consider, how would I feel if this were me? What was the situation that caused this mistake to happen, and finally how can we all learn from it so it doesn’t happen again!

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