How Investing in your people and teams benefits your business

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I had the privilege of seeing entrepreneur, author and inspirational speaker, Brad Sugars presenting at a conference earlier this month. What was interesting for me, was his key message to the 300 business owners who attended … to achieve success, you need to focus on and develop your people!

We hear so often business leaders saying that people are their biggest asset yet so many are not investing. Companies that fail to invest in employees jeopardize their own success and even survival. In his words, “you’d be mad not to”! Investing in your people impacts directly on productivity and will increase your profit.

Build people

Here are some of the key learnings I wanted to share with you and how we can help you:-

Develop your People and they will grow your business

People need to be developed to help support their growth. Individual’s should be getting at least 6 days a year training to really help bring out their very best and improve productivity. Are you adequately investing in your people to build your business?

We have a range of training workshops to help improve productivity and provide you with the opportunity to develop your people. Click here to find out more…

Team building is a great investment

When teams work well together, they are at their most productive. Companies that focus on team development know that doing so will bring more assurance, creativity, drive and commitment to tasks. It is critical to empower teams through developing, encouraging them to play to their strengths and working as a team. This approach is the proven road to success and companies that do so, rise above their competition – in reputation and in profits. When did you last give your team time to re-group and focus on how they can play to their strengths?

Our team building events are getting rave reviews from our clients. Click here to read some testimonials from our clients…

Management is a skill that needs to be developed

The lack of management and leadership skills in many businesses is significantly impacting on the success of many SMEs. Unless managers and leaders can really learn to inspire their teams to be their very best, help them to shine and learn to let go, they will never achieve their full potential. How many of your people have been promoted and never had any management development?

Our 7-month Management Development programme aims to help managers to become inspiring, authentic leaders using our unique experiential approach. Why not join our next programme. Click here to learn more.

Leadership and communication are key to engagement

People need to know the vision and what the business is looking to achieve but also where you came from … your story. You cannot hope to have an engaged workforce if they are not clear on what they are working towards and have a shared/common goal. Businesses need to be clear on their values and culture and encourage and support people to be aligned to these. The key to all this …. communication!

Do you know how engaged your teams are with you and your business?

Our bespoke staff survey can help you to understand how engaged your people are, what is bringing out their best and what might be getting in their way. Click here to find out more.

Celebrate success together

Make the time to celebrate success. When we say “can I have a word” most people will think “what have I done wrong”. Create a culture where people think “great, what have I done right today”! Are you celebrating enough with your team? Do you think they feel valued and recognised for what they do?

We can find lots of ways to help you celebrate and learn together. Just give us a call and we’d love to have a chat about how we can help you invest and make more profit in your business.

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