Honest Conversations

Written by Michelle Mook on . Posted in Sunflower Diaries

football 2018 We’ve just found out that Gareth Southgate is a massive advocate of honest conversations.

Speaking about his management style to football journalism students at the University of Derby, he stated, “I think that feedback is really important to players, I think they value one-to-one discussions. I think it has got to be honest. There is no use saying: ‘You’re really unlucky not to be in’ as it doesn’t mean anything, you are not giving a player something he can go away and work at. So, I think it is important to be precise.

Also, players are pretty savvy; if you tell them something which they believe not to be true or in a couple of weeks’ time it isn’t true, then they’ll lose faith and belief in you. Sometimes those conversations are really difficult as you have to leave a player out, but I think you owe it to them to be honest.”

Well Mr Southgate we couldn’t agree more, having an honest conversation can help someone develop and grow in their role and if you’re not having those conversations then you could argue that you’re getting in the way of them being their best. Now that doesn’t feel right does it?

What honest conversations have you been putting off?

Remember honest conversations are positive too so we would like to challenge you to have three honest conversations this month. If you would like to know more about support in this area why not contact us or check out our training page for more information and to give you some ideas for the kind of training we can help you with.

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