Here comes the sun

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sue and ruby Here at Pro Development Towers, we do love to see the sun. It makes such a difference to the working day. We get out more, go for walking meetings, sit in the courtyard to take telephone calls and we enjoy a stroll with Ruby the dog at lunch.

To do this though takes discipline. It would be far easier to stay sat at our desks ploughing through the work, coming up for caffeine every few hours.

Breaking off from your work can feel quite stressful, anxiety sets in because we have so much to do, and taking 30 mins off is classed as a luxury.

We have to remind ourselves to take these breaks, to get outside and to give ourselves time to breathe. We are almost institutionalised to thinking we must stay at our desks and crack on, and we’re not quite sure where this comes from? Breaking this habit is hard but we must try.

There are many benefits to taking a break, getting outside and enjoying a bit of sunshine. Here are some of the personal benefits we feel.

• Headaches reduce

• Mood lifts

• Thinking becomes easier

• Conversations happen that wouldn’t otherwise

• Re-plan our approach to work

• Sense of feeling empowered and free

• Issues are placed back into perspective

• Have a bit of fun

• Bring that freshness and lightness back into the office

So we challenge you to do the same!

We are running a workplace wellbeing strategy event on the 11th June at Sandburn Hall, York where you can consider some different ways to help define what makes a great wellbeing strategy within a business.

Key outcomes of this event include:

• Define what makes a great wellbeing strategy

• Plan your approach to create and implement a wellbeing strategy

• Share best practice on what works and what doesn’t

• Explore and experience a variety of wellbeing strategy initiatives

• Create an action plan

To reserve your place on this wellbeing event, please contact or 01904 628838 We look forward to welcoming you on the event.

Investment = £50 + vat

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