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Day 1 In The Pro-Development House

So, here we are 12 weeks from Christmas and still carrying a few pounds from the summer holiday. Well, out are the fad diets this year as we embark on a 12-week nutrition programme with the Rebalance Foundation. This is a brand new charity dedicated to making a difference for anyone affected by a diet-related disease. Diabetes, obesity, heart disease, strokes, some cancers or even those who want to adopt a healthier lifestyle. The Rebalance Foundation are specialists in nutrition and lifestyle advice so follow us as we work with Elaine Wilson and get into a better shape – not just for Christmas…For life!

Day 1 Michelle

Feeling excited, waiting for my personalised eating plan. Hoping not too many mung beans feature in this healthy eating plan. Aiming for increased energy, weight loss and more va va voom (God help us!)

Day 1 – Sue

I have spent the last week eating a very strange combination of foods as I clear out the cupboards in readiness for my new eating plan. Kids not too impressed by what may or may not be happening and Husband doing as he is told! Like Michelle aiming for increased energy, weight loss and to look 10 years younger!

Day 1 – Steph

I can’t wait to feel the benefits from my new eating plan and I am looking forward to getting my family on-board too. Already, I am drinking more water so brownie points there! Like Sue, I have had a good sort out in the kitchen ready for them to be filled with magic ingredients that will make me feel a million dollars! I wonder if the Pro-Development team have thrown out their wine?

Day 1 – Janette

Looking forward to bringing down my biological age down to 21 and losing half a stone (one of these maybe an unrealistic expectation…?) Having already given up gluten, dairy and egg yolk I’m wondering what there will be left to eat? Recent research from Public Health England suggests that 40% of us don’t exercise enough, so I am hoping to inspire the team to walk every lunchtime we are in the office.

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