Are you on the right path ready for recovery?

Written by Michelle Mook on . Posted in Sunflower Diaries

right path It has been quite a journey to get to the point we are all at now. Everything we know has been tested; our relationships, our resolve, our resilience to name but a few. We have very quickly had to transition, first into crisis management, then into a new ‘normal’ which provides a temporary state of stability. We have all had no choice but to face this change head on. It has been an emotional roller-coaster, one like no other!

Through conversations and through our own experiences, we have been hearing how people have been affected and how they are dealing differently with the situation. At some point, when restrictions are lifted and we head into the recovery stage, all these different emotions and experiences will be back together again in the workplace, a potentially dangerous cocktail if not supported and managed sensitively.

It would be naive to believe that everyone is content with the measures currently in place now without checking it out. People who are still working may be feeling resentment about their workloads when some of their colleagues are furloughed. In some instance’s subgroups are starting to form, developing a them and us culture. Furloughed workers may feel under-valued, they may be worried about what this means for their future at work, feeling cut off from the workplace and isolated from team members.

Worryingly, we are already identifying that many are feeling disconnected, that there is a lack of communication and some are currently looking at other opportunities. We believe employers need a really strong understanding of how people are feeling whilst we are in this current stage; to know what measures are needed to support people now and be in a good position for when restrictions have lifted in the future.

In response Pro-development have developed a Covid-19 short survey to check how people are doing and engagement levels through this period of change. The confidential survey is quick, easy to use and very affordable right now and covers access to the use of our tool, running of the survey, analysis and reporting followed by an online session to share the results and develop a plan with the team. More importantly it will help businesses and teams to identify:-

• How people are feeling / how engaged they are right now?

• Is the level of communication they are receiving supporting them?

• How people who are working from home or differently are managing – what is working/what is not?

• How people who are furloughed are doing?

• Are people still feeling part of a strong and connected team with the support of a good leader – both which are key elements of engagement

Our aim is to help reduce risk and identify positive actions through these challenging times and provide the opportunity to quickly adjust where needed to make sure that people are as engaged as possible through the coming weeks and that they have a strong and committed team ready to move into recovery.

The businesses who have already run this survey have found the insights invaluable and are now focused on delivering actions to make a positive difference.

The investment for the survey reflects the challenging times and at just £25-15 per person (depending on the size of company) should be affordable and we know will provide a big return on investment. If you would like to discuss or find out more, email for information or call Michelle on 07772 921460.

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