Get the Foundations Right

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Before you focus on growing anything, it is important to make sure that you have all the right tools, materials and knowledge available to support that growth.

We offer a range of services, consultancy and support that will help you get the foundations in place to ensure any investment you make in future development, is not wasted.

We can help you with any of the following and more and if you would like to know more call us on 01904 628838 or email us

Vision and Values

Are you clear on what your business is aiming to achieve – it’s aspirations, vision, values and goals? Do you know how your team member’s roles contribute to achieving the business vision and goals? Do you know your key areas of focus and align to the business vision and goals? We work with companies to help gain clarity on the company vision and identify and embed core company values so they come to life.

Measuring and Managing Performance

Performance management is the key to helping bring out the best in your people. Although it has a significant role to play in enhancing organisational performance, many organisations are saying it is becoming more of a headache and an overhead and they feel it is just a tick box exercise which drives no value or benefit to business. It should be about creating a culture that encourages continuous improvement of both the business and individuals’ skills, behaviour and contributions but many employees are saying that they’re not clear on what is expected of them or understand how they contribute to overall business outcomes. We can work with you to develop a performance framework that will add value and make a difference to your business and your people.

Development Planning

Do you know what skills and competences are needed to help individuals fulfil their roles? What standards of performance and values are needed? Are you clear on your company’s development priorities? How effective are you in identifying training needs? We can help you develop a plan which supports both your business plan and your people’s aspirations.

Talent and Succession Planning

Do you know who are the potential future leaders or senior managers of your company? What about your business-critical roles? It’s a fact of life that people retire and move on with their career, however you do not want to be in a position where your business is at risk. We can help you manage business risk through robust talent and succession planning, combining the aspirations and talent of your people with the business growth and continuity of your company.

Communicating, communicating, communicating!

Through our employment engagement work we know that communication is so hard to get right. There are many factors we can help with, from having a robust communication strategy and plan to ensuring your team meetings are fun and engaging. We can help you communicate with impact to every level of the company.