Get out of your comfort zone!

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comfort zone blog july 2019 Have you ever been pushed outside of your comfort zone? Can you remember how you felt? What you learned and how you developed as a result?

At Pro-Development we like to challenge people to step outside of their comfort zone, particularly in some of the leadership work that we do. Take our Management Development Programme that we have recently run. On this programme there is so much opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone with the experiential learning we do. On the last programme, everyone we spoke to stepped outside their comfort zone and experienced some real change as a result. Of course, it isn’t only the participants that go through this. Our very own Vicky Deighton had her own experience of stepping outside of her comfort zone when she abseiled, and gorge walked for the first time.

She explained that she had some strong emotions and wasn’t even sure if she was going to be able to do it. But afterwards she felt a real sense of accomplishment and courage. She also explained that there was one activity that she couldn’t do and that pushed her into her danger zone. This is a place beyond the learning zone where no real learning happens at all. It is important that as managers we can establish where our comfort zone, learning zone and danger zones start and stop. This is all part of raising our self-awareness to become stronger leaders.

Our leadership programme starts again in September and we are excited to be taking another cohort through this amazing journey of self-discovery. If you know anyone who might be ready to step outside of their comfort zone and raise their self-awareness with other like minded leaders, we are now taking applicants for the waiting list.

Don’t forget that we have the amazing 40% funding that many businesses will be eligible to receive from the European Social Fund via the WYCC Skills Service.

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