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So….what’s going right?

Now there is a question. What is going right for you now? It’s very easy to focus on all the negative things that are happening, yet we can overlook some of the positives that are happening, the things that make us flourish. So, we have thought about the positive things that have happened to Pro-Development throughout the pandemic. This can feel awkward, and it’s not to say it hasn’t been hard because of course, it has and still is….BUT some things have gone right and here are a few.

• We have had some of the best conversations as a team
• We have gained some new clients
• We have gained access to funding pots for our clients
• We have tidied the office (well, Michelle did – LOL)
• We have developed our processes
• We have developed as individuals, taking the time to learn new things
• We have developed our offerings and are now providing online services
• We have had fun with our virtual team nights in/out as opposed to out/out
• We have had a haircut (well some of us!)

Our challenge to you.

1. We challenge you to capture 3 things each day this week of things that are going right.

2. Note the difference this makes to your mood.

3. If you feel a positive difference, set the same challenge to your work colleagues.

If you feel you would benefit from some coaching and mentoring to help move from a negative to a positive mindset contact us on info@pro-development.co.uk. Click here to find out more about our coaching and we also are excited to be able to offer funded mentoring through the West Yorkshire Consortium of Colleges.

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