First Line Manager Programme

Pro-Development have two engaging and interactive Management Development Programmes.

1. First Line Manager – A six month programme for existing managers with little formal development, new managers and aspiring managers.

2. Leadership and Management Experiential Development – A seven month programme for leaders and managers.

  • FACT: 62% of people leave their jobs as a result of their manager
  • FACT: Ineffective management is estimated to be costing UK businesses over 19 Billion per year in lost working hours.

Dept. for bus innovation and skills (July 2012)


First Line Manager

The transition to first line manager is a critical time as people adapt to new expectations placed upon them and relationship dynamics change. This programme explores essential elements of management and leadership for the first line manager to help them quickly become effective in their role.

Our 6-month programme covers key areas of management and share ‘how to’ tools and techniques that make a difference and set managers on a successful path. The programme has been designed for managers who may have been in role but have had little formal development, new managers embarking on their leadership journey and aspiring manager, ensuring you have a talent and succession plan to support the growth of your business.

Key topics include:

  • Understanding you and your role as an inspiring manager
  • Communicating to inspire and influence others
  • How to communicate with impact
  • Bringing out the best in your team
  • Managing the individual and team
  • Growing you and your team
  • You as an inspiring manager
  • If you’re looking for confident and authentic managers who:

    • Explain the factors which contribute to a high performing team
    • Evaluate team behaviour, taking appropriate action
    • Develop tools and techniques to communicate more effectively
    • Describe the manager’s role in performance management
    • Construct smart objectives and monitor performance effectively
    • Conduct appraisals that add value to both individuals and the business
    • Identify ways to motivate and empower individuals
    • Apply techniques for praising and rewarding people in the appropriate way
    • Explain how to manage under performers
    • Delegate tasks effectively
    • Explore the difference between conduct and capability
    • Explain the processes in place to manage absence
    • Recognise the importance of knowing strengths and aspirations of individuals
    • Identify development opportunities and provide opportunities for growth
    • The business benefits are clear

      • Reduce senior manager involvement as issues are dealt with by first tier management
      • First tier management embed the vision and goals within the organisation
      • Inspire people to be their best, increasing your overall productivity
      • Enhance your customers experience by instilling customer centric thinking
      • Motivate the workforce to become advocates of your business
      • Build an environment of honesty and trust where change is embraced supporting future growth of the business
      • Encourage creativity and help innovate your business
      • Contribute to reduced sickness levels by creating a positive working environment
      • Reduce staff turnover and nurture talent by engaging and developing your people
      • Attract great people though a reputation of being a great employer
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        Funding may be available to you on this programme. Pro-Development are a registered provider with Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership Skills Service and are a Growth Accelerator Accredited Provider for Leadership and Management. Click here to find out more about available funding.