Feeling valued and recognised

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There’s no denying that positive reinforcement shapes behaviour at work and we respond well to both encouragement and the belief that we are doing a good job.

In research conducted by Monster (2014) 54% said that lack of thanks made them feel underappreciated whilst 41% also felt it demotivating, making them less likely to give 100% effort. As respondents were able to select more than one description it was interesting to see that 12% also said it made them feel sad, and for another 12% it led to feelings of anger. Clearly there is a huge impact on staff loyalty and retention.

Questions for you…

• Do you feel valued?

• What do you think your company value about you?

people clapping • How do you like to be recognised?

• When did you last receive praise?

A Challenge for you…

Now let’s turn this around!

How would your team members answer these questions?

Any actions you need to take? Why not do them today?

Here are just a few ways you can help your team feel valued and recognised…

Time – Take the time to connect with individuals. Find out how they like to be recognized

Honesty – Always be honesty, this will build mutual trust and respect

Appreciate – individually recognise your employees for their specific achievements

Notes and gifts – It doesn’t have to be much. A simple note, a bottle of wine or a gift voucher perhaps?

Keep doing it – re-enforce the message

You – You share with the individual the good stuff you are hearing and the impact they are making

Opportunities – Create opportunities for new experiences

Uniqueness – celebrate their uniqueness and the opportunities and richness this brings

What is getting in the way – identify ways of making a difference for you and your business and remember, if you or your team are feeling undervalued and unrecognized, we can help.

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