Don’t sit still!

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walking pic 2017 Have you seen the latest research from Australia which demonstrates that moderate exercise several times a week is the best way to keep the mind sharp if you’re over 50? Thinking and memory skills were most improved when people exercised the heart and muscles on a regular basis. Evidence of the link between exercise and brain function has been increasing. Those of you with children approaching exams may be interested in research from Germany showing that walking or cycling whilst learning helped new foreign language vocabulary to stick. So, encourage your kids to exercise while they revise! Don’t push it too hard, though, vigorous workouts can raise stress levels, which can damage memory circuits.

Recent research from Stanford University demonstrated that walking either on a treadmill or outside helps with creative thinking and idea generation. We’re using this finding in our coaching and agree; we’re most creative when we walk at 1.8 miles an hour. We all know that a walk a lunchtime makes us more productive in the afternoon which may be due to increased blood flow to the brain. It’s also possible that exercise stimulates the birth of new neurons. Until recently, few believed this could happen in adult human brains. Just putting my walking shoes on….

To celebrate learning at work week, Pro-Development are running a free group coaching session on Monday 15th May with the theme ‘Curious and Creative Coaching’. This is being held in the lovely Tailormade Conference rooms here at Forest Farm Business Park and it’s a great opportunity to experience some group coaching. If the weather’s nice we might go for a walk as well, we do our best thinking at 1.8 mph.

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